Dog Behavior: pee

Nature HeIsTheStig July 25, 2016 4 16
Dogs urinate. They do that. But sometimes in a special way: always in the same tree, or always on the puddle of another dog through. Males and females are seated.

Male or female

There is a difference in males or females with respect to urination, actually just like in humans. The males go as they once mature, pee standing up. They do this by lifting a hind leg. The females remain seated urination. Now, there are, however, exceptions. There are dogs who never go pee standing and just as the females stay put. But there are also females who stand once during urination. You can see this especially in females in heat.

Why does my dog ​​pees so much

When you go exhausts a dog, you will notice soon that he in every tree, every pole and every wall stops to urinate. In fact reading your dog's daily newspaper and responds. He sniffs somewhere because there was another dog, male or female, has urinated. On the basis of the fragrance, he can notice who has been there for him. The male then leave a message over it by peeing. Usually it means something like: I was here and I'm the boss.

Why pees much my bitch

Females pee a lot less often than males. However, they will be able to urinate during the exhausts a few times, as in males for the same reason. When a bitch really frequently urinates and it all takes quite a long time, the chances are that the bitch will have a bladder infection. Because the urethra in females is shorter than in males, a female dog runs faster on a bladder infection. In a bladder infection does not necessarily sit blood in the urine, so you see it does not always.

Pee in the litter

Some people teach their dog to do his business in the litter box. It may be a dog to learn this, especially the small dogs fit easier. However, a dog also needs its movement. A cat makes himself outside or from a dog depends on the boss. Stay there so be careful that the dog gets his daily dose of exercise.


When the dog is unclean and always doing indoor pools, usually three reasons: the dog is simply not yet potty training and do not know better. Whether there is a bladder infection. In dogs dominance will sometimes play a role by urinating in the house he delimits his territory.
There are those who let their dog castrate due urinating indoors. Sometimes it helps, but it's no guarantee. It is better to go to work once the relationship with the dog and let him know how the ranking was divided.
If you suspect a bladder infection, do not wait too long to take action: get through the long run by having a bladder infection, the dog may have other symptoms such as bladder stones.