Dog Breed: Heidewachtel

Nature Kandos August 7, 2016 0 3
The Heidewachtel descended from the Spioen. The Spioen was a small sized hunting dog was also used as erfhond. To date, the day Heidewachtel is still widely seen hunting training. This dog also experienced great pleasure in retrieving and working for the boss. They are medium sized dog with a coat that is easy to maintain.

History of Heidewachtel

The Heidewachtel is a descendant of the Spioen. This is a brown and white long-haired hound little since the Middle Ages, appeared in Western Europe. The Spioen was also called bird dog, this is because these dogs were used for hunting birds. The ranger Edmund Löns struck in the last century on the border between the Netherlands and Germany, a descendant of the Spioen. There are different strains were combined together which ultimately came from the Heidewachtel. Edmund Loins, a Westphalian gamekeeper in 1912 has revived the race life and founded a club in order to improve the breed to versatile working dog. Already in 1915 the first litter Heidewachtels was bred in the Netherlands.


The Heidewachtel is a medium sized dog standing. His body and back are strong. He is built for hunting, but nevertheless exudes elegance. The ears of a Heidewachtel are set high and hanging. His tail is slightly curved in action, but may not have a curl shape. This dog breed has closed eyelids and the pupil is less than seen brown. The height of a male is between 50 to 56cm and that of a female between 48 á 54cm. The Heidewachtel weight is around 15kg.


The Heidewachtel has a full, smooth, semi-long coat. The hair on the back of the legs, tail and ears are slightly longer than on the rest of the body. Its color is brown and white this may appear as a fur and mildew. The coat of this dog basically do only once every two weeks to be brushed and this race definitely do not often go to the dog groomer.


  • intelligent
  • eager to learn
  • cheerful
  • enterprising
  • devoted
  • sensitive
  • reliable


The Heidewachtel thanks to its origin a perfect dog to go hunting track workouts. He fetches like, acts like and is not afraid to get wet. Are contiguous coat also ensures that he does not have to suffer from a little water and the cold. If the dog gets enough exercise outside or long walks which he Heidewachtel in the house will get rid of its energy than a quiet dog. They will have to be raised fairly consistently since if no, not always no then they can go make a mockery of you. The Heidewachtel attaches itself to a family and is generally not watchful. Outside the hunting training Heidewachtel is also suitable for other dog sports like agility and fly-ball.