Dog breeds: British Longhair

Nature Bibbilo August 8, 2016 0 0
The British Longhair was bred around 1870 in beautiful domestic cats, which were crossed with Persian cats. This gave the cat its compact and robust design. His half-length hair is densely planted together with a nice collar. The coat should be provided daily. This friendly cat is easy going and an ideal indoor cat. He'd like to follow you anywhere in your home, on your lap down and may well be alone.


This from Britain coming cat was bred around the year 1870 in fine specimens of domestic cats with a stocky build and was crossed with Persian cats to get the compact appearance. Also the expression of the British Shorthair was detained. The genes of long hair come for the British Shorthair, which sometimes prevents a long-haired kitten in a litter of British Shorthair, this is called the British Longhair. The British Longhair is called Lowlander and is in construction and type identical to the British Shorthair, except the long coat. It took some time, but since June 2012, the British Longhair is a recognized breed in the Netherlands.


The British Longhair is a medium sized cat with a broad chest and muscular. His build is stocky and he has a short back. The head is round with chubby cheeks. The skull is placed wide when small short ears set far apart. His big round eyes may appear in different colors, as well as his coat. The nose is short and broad with a slight bulge where it merges in the forehead. His chin is full, firm and well developed. His legs are straight and short round sturdy feet. His thick tail is short and thick hair, wherein the base is wider than the tip.


The colors correspond to those of the British Shorthair and that can be different colors. Many British Longhair cats are from a litter of British Shorthair. The British Longhair needs a good grooming. The undercoat is woolly. The coat does not lie flat against the body, but is there something from. If you're the cat about five minutes daily brushing, keep the coat in good condition. If you do not keep this good, there may be large tangles. Should there arise a burdock, can you cut or free with a tangle out. If the cat is very dirty, you can wash it with baby shampoo. After washing the cat should be well dried up, because he may catch cold otherwise.


The British Longhair is a smooth and pleasant character. They are friendly and quiet pets. They can adapt easily and are very tolerant. They fit well into a family with children, other cats and dogs. If the cat has reached the age of about two years, he is usually less active and sometimes he kept to himself. He will not ask for attention loud and can entertain themselves well. They can sometimes slept for hours.
Despite these characteristics, he also loves to cuddle and be petted. Arrested be it usually takes a little less fine. If he does not agree with something, he will certainly leave marks. This cat is very suitable to be kept as an indoor and can be kept well in an apartment. He befitting a family where he needs to be much alone. If he wants attention, he will come to you. His voice was gentle and he can sometimes follow throughout the house.