Dominicans Huissen: spiritual formation in modern setting

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Dominic founded his order in 1216 and set itself the goal to share the gospel through preaching. Almost 800 years later honor his followers in Huissen still this motto alongside reflection through prayer and study. The shape of the preaching is contemporary: in a training and activity center. Individual guests are welcome, provided that they can organize their own day. The atmosphere in the building of the Dominican Community in the Over-Betuwe Huissen entry is not directly as you would expect from a monastery. They are not in habit-clad monks that you pass in silence, but in casual civilian clothes stabbed Dominicans and their staff welcome you and familiarize. The property often stay several groups, which meet or attend a course. That gives the center a lively atmosphere.

Small guesthouse

On the second floor you will find the rooms of the guest house. Here, up to four individual guests visit. People who want to catch my breath, a few days of silence and reflection search or who want to retire to think about an important decision. Although the property is large enough to accommodate more people, deliberately chose a small guesthouse. The community of permanent residents has about twelve members and by the close contact between guests and monks more than four guests would place a heavy burden on daily life. One of the most striking features of the guest is that you, together with the residents used the hot meal in the refectory. Also, did you ?? morning welcome to join them for a drink in the living room coffee or tea. The breakfast and snack to make yourself or with your fellow guests waiting in the kitchen of the guesthouse. There is also a guest lounge with TV and books.

Reflection in the church

True silence are mainly found in the neo-Gothic church of the Dominican Community, which you outside in the garden or inside by can reach through the beautiful silent cloister. Here twice-daily prayer meeting place: at 8:00 am Lauds and Vespers at 18:30. Especially during morning and evening shifts are intimate occasions. As a guest you are in the rear choir stalls behind the monks. Among the services provided by you are always welcome to look at the silence in the church.

Spiritual courses

In the training center to find numerous courses instead, which sometimes but not always clearly Catholic of signature. Common characteristic is contemplation and spirituality. Topics range from ?? Icons painting ?? and ?? write your own Bible ?? and tell ?? to ?? Psychosynthese ??, ?? Yoga ?? Meditation ?? and ??. On the second floor is for the latter activity beautiful and restful looking meditation room decorated.

Something else

The monastery is near the Rhine. From Stadsdam you can make a nice walk three kilometers to the ferry and back. Across the street, you can visit any castle Doornenburg. Please do take a bike!

Practical information

  • Stadsdam 1
  • 6851 AH Huissen
  • 026 ?? 326 44 41
  • Website monastery
  • ?? 29- ?? 49 per day