Donnie Darko, a mysterious film

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A movie you after watching them leave with questions. You can give your own interpretation, the film insists on nothing. An interesting fact; a sleepwalking teenager suffers from hallucinations. He gets a man in bunny suit all whispered. Meanwhile just going to be life as usual. He goes to school, falls in love and think about the meaning of life. The big question in the film is whether man is able to travel in time.

Movie Story:

End of the world
Sixteen-year-old Donnie Darko, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, initially seems a normal teenager. He lives with his parents and two sisters in a suburb in a typical American town. Yet it soon becomes clear that Donnie is anything but normal. He appears to have a mental disorder. This manifests itself in hallucinations. Donnie has an imaginary friend ?? ??, which answers to the name Frank and is wrapped in a bizarre bunny suit. Frank tells Donnie which the world will end in twenty-eight days, six hours and twelve minutes.
Strange events follow each other in rapid succession. When Donnie one night during a sleepwalking action has left the house, lands an airplane from scratch on the roof of his house in the middle of his bedroom. When Donnie has survived this disaster by a miracle. The next day Donnie Frank get all kinds of assignments. Donnie as he whispers that he should punch a hole in the pipe of the water at school, so the school fair will be. The school building, a gigantic, massive bronze statue of a dog, one finds the following day with an ax in the head. The school board shall investigate to determine the culprit.
A guru says that in life, there are only two emotions prevail: fear and love. He has many supporters in the town. Donnie puts him during a guest lecture at his school but fully pole, through his theories pulling publicly questioned. A few days later, Donnie finds the wallet of the guru Frank and gives him the order to stabbing his house on fire. The fire department does in the remnants of the guru of the house a discovery, which reveals a bizarre secret.
Time travel
Donnie's life just goes in the meantime, as usual, and things happen that should not be missing in a teenager's life; he falls in love with the prettiest girl in the class and experience with her some beautiful moments.
Through a teacher Donnie gets a book on time travel in hands. This book is written by an old woman from the town. She had been in her younger years teacher at Donnie ?? s school and is now a nutcase by residents. Donnie becomes intrigued by the concept of time travel and reads the book eagerly.
Donnie seems to be able to see what people will find themselves in the near future and will also lifted a corner of the veil. Then the events gain momentum; During the Halloween party his friend being run over by a director, who answers to the name Frank. In response, he shoots the driver dead. Meanwhile, their aircraft are his mother and sister on the journey and on the way to lose an engine, it lands on Donnie ?? s house, right on his bedroom while he was at that moment lying in bed ..


A special film that really makes them think. The temptation to watch the film again is great. You will discover that there are several clues are given in the story, slowly working towards the climax. Jake Gyllenhaal put a great lead down. With a dreamy look in his eyes you can see him struggle with existence. It is also just a teenager who teases his sister, discovers love and cynical comment on what he dislikes. There's a lot of humor in the film, some dialogues are downright hilarious. The story continues from beginning to end buoys. Although initially fit the man in bunny suit very strange in the story seems, this gear is at the end of the film completely understandable.
A well-made, attractive film, with many intriguing elements.


  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Jena Malone
  • Mary McDonnell
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Patrick Swayze
  • Holmes Osborne
  • Katharine Ross
  • Noah Wyle


  • Director: Richard Kelly
  • Country: United States
  • Made in 2001
  • Genre: science fiction, cult