Download through FTD: movies and music look

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FTD is literally fill Threads Database. FTD is used to aid in the search for NZB files, which you can include films win. The program is in Dutch, so that many files are placed in Dutch. There is often made the mistake that you can download with FTD, but that's not true. FTD is basically a forum, where people post information.

Latest Version

Currently, the latest version 3.8.5, it is not possible to find messages with other versions. Change in this update are passed through, which should make the program completely legal. Thus, the NZB button has been removed and is therefore more difficult to download. However, the makers have no choice, because otherwise they have problems with the BREIN foundation. If you have an older version of FTD download or use, the update will be detected automatically. If you want to look at this site the program and download the program.

FTD - start

FTD is a guide for people who want to download files. You can find information about places, but not with download files. To scan NZB files into downloading a reader and a news server required. An example of a free reader is GrabIt.

Create an account

To make use of FTD you have to create an account. Creating an account is free, and there are no restrictions attached. When creating an account, you must choose a username and password. Then you have to update the list, which can update the button to use. The program will retrieve messages within, containing information as possible.

Find a post

When you are looking for a particular file, you can use the search function. You can also browse the file in one of the categories. These categories consist, for example movies, pictures and music files. Then you can open a message by double clicking on it. In so ?? s message contains information about the file, and indicates the location. It's before you get to work with the message also wise to check the comments. Often you find out that way behind if it is a safe download.

Looking up at a search engine

As mentioned earlier, the download button deleted by its creators. However, there is a program appeared that brings back the button, so that the index can be easily searched. Without this program, you will have to search for the files themselves. Please read the file after and list archives are assigned to them. Then use a popular search engine, some examples are:
  • AltBinaries
  • BinIndex
  • Binsearch

When the message is found, you have to put a tick in the bud and make an NZB file clicks. Then you automatically get a file, which you can save to your computer. Then, to read the file, use the option NZB import into GrabIt.

The easy way

Recently, there is an easier way to accomplish this process. This can be through NZB Buddy, a legal expansion. The function is made by the makers, so it is not forbidden expansion. Download the file from here and place it in the installation folder of FTD. Use NZB Buddy and then select the option to integrate in FTD. Now you will notice that the top right NZB button has appeared. Use this button, and the groups are automatically searched.
Legally ?? Everything in this tutorial is legal, as it is a simple search engine.