Download Xbox 360 Games and play

Electronic hawkeye64 August 16, 2016 2 1
Downloading Xbox 360 games is fairly simple and takes little time. Downloading games is legal when you have the original in your possession. It is not permitted to download games when you do not have the original.

The Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 was previously known as the Xbox 2. Eventually it became the 360, the power button is 360 degrees. The 360 ​​had the advantage that he came from the first of the new consoles. This allows the console could immediately gain an edge. The 360 ​​was issued on December 2, 2005 in Europe, and there were immediately several versions. Even today you can still choose from a version without a hard drive, a version with a smaller drive and a version with a very large hard drive.
The 360 ​​is more secure compared with the old Xbox. Yet it did not take very long before the first hack came out. Nowadays, the Xbox can be easily converted through a chip. Backups can then be easily played. A danger that security is the fact that the user can be banned from the online service of Microsoft. This only happens when the user Xbox Live goes up with an illegal version.


  • A computer with internet ?? To download Xbox 360 games.
  • One DVD-9 ?? To burn a game.
  • A converted Xbox 360 ?? Search marketplace for someone who wants to do that.

Games Download

Downloading newsgroups is quick, and the range is very large. The latest games appear here, usually first. Well, you need a server for downloading 360 games. A server often costs money. You also have a free search program as FTD necessary and as a download GrabIt. With the search engine you can find a post, and then read the NZB file with GrabIt.
BitTorrent / Peer-2-Peer
Especially with BitTorrent to your Xbox 360 download games easily. Especially the newer games download quickly. To download via BitTorrent, you need a torrent, which can be found on websites like The Pirate Bay. Via Peer-2-Peer download is slow, and not recommended. If you want to try it anyway is a program like eMule convenient.


Burning a 360 game is in some cases more difficult. When there is already a .dvd file included it is easy. Brandt the file with a burning program of your choice. Please make sure that you select .dvd file, which is a text file. When made, the program will automatically turn on the DVD. The .dvd sets the right time in order to go to the next layer, as the games around eight gigabytes in size.
make .dvd
gamenaam.iso ?? Enter the name of the game in
Layer Break = 1913760 ?? Most common, working in 99.99% of the cases.
Keep text document with exact name of the game with extension .dvd!
and place the file in the same directory as the ISO file!