Dr. Brown's bottles for baby food

Health masterblaster56 August 8, 2016 0 0
Dr. Brown ?? s bottle is the only bottle with a patented valve system through which you can feed your baby vacuum-free and without air bubbles. The bottle is used because of its unique design by many parents of premature babies ?? s, but also a lot of other families because of its ease of use. There are a number of types and sizes Dr. Brown ?? s bottles and parts and depend on you can choose the bottle some personal preferences that suit you and your child.

The unique valve system

Because of this unique valve system creates positive pressure in that the air through the air valve into the bottle and is guided by the upward force to the space above the power supply. The air never comes via the milk to the top of the bottle and therefore there will be no bubbles get into the power supply. And do not have to suck the baby is not hard due to the absence of the vacuum pressure. Stimulating the nipple is enough to get milk from the bottle into the mouth.
This firstly ensures that the baby can drink quite easily and naturally. The milk flow is similar to that of the flow of milk during lactation. The baby only needs to take the bottle in his mouth and the light teat to suck the mouth so that the milk comes in. Especially for premature babies who can not suck so well, this is very nice.
Besides that, the natural drink for a reduced risk of sore ears and ear infections, which can occur by sucking too hard. In bottles with vacuum makes it hard to suck negative pressure in the middle ear and dirt in the ear can thus provide an ear infection. With Dr. Brown ?? s bottle, this is not an issue.
The use of the non-vacuum bottle, also contributes to the baby's health, as it prevents vomiting and bowel cramps and vitamins are retained optimal. The operation of these bottles is scientifically proven.

The different bottles

The Standard Dr. Brown ?? s bottles have a narrow neck bottle and they are easily tolerated by most baby ?? s. On the wide neck bottle teat is broader than the standard bottle. The baby holding his mouth open a little further while drinking. Especially in newborn and young babies ?? s use of this bottle is recommended because it minimizes the risk of nipple confusion in the baby. There is also a bottle that is made specifically for premature babies ?? s not having a good sucking reflex.

The various teats

Dr. Brown ?? s bottles were designed using different flow rates. The nipple for newborn baby ?? s give one drop per second; the teat from three months will give two drops per second, so there are bottles from 6 months and bottles with extra fast flow. The latter can also be used for power supply and other thick porridge. The teat so that you choose depends on the porosity of the baby and the speed with which he drinks. A diet should take approximately 20 minutes and there until you choose the bottle on to.

Cleaning Dr. Brown ?? s bottles

The bottles can be cleaned in a pan of boiling water. The pan should first be brought to the boil and when the water boils, the pan from the heat and all components of the bottle can be placed in the water. The parts are there to over 3 to 5 minutes in stay down.
Also, the bottles can be cleaned with the help of the microwave sterilizer. With hot steam sterilizer cleans the bottles and all components.

Choose the suitable bottle

Basically, this bottle is suitable for baby ?? s of all ages, because there are multiple types of bottles and nipples exist. The bottle and the nipple that ultimately chooses will depend on the suction and the preference of the baby itself.