Dream Escape to the tropics - Column ALS Mariska van Gennep

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Mariska and Sjonny can finally meet their longed-for vacation, the last as a complete family, begin. But first there is the hurdle of the flight: everything goes well with Sjonny?

 I can not really believe it. We're going to fly, and in a few days already. Sjonny sleeping next to me with all his air supply equipment and that gives plenty of light. I throw a towel over my eyes to sleep further still. The next day he says the thing so that the light dims after a few minutes. Very nice, because I saw myself spending the next few nights already with a sleep mask on, but this can be any. The rest of the night toss and turn me on, I can still contain difficult that we really should go on a trip!

 On the day of departure meet our dear friends to us early in the morning. Of course there at the last moment everything will be arranged and packed, but 10 about six we actually sit in the car and our journey begins. I am placed in a car together with Veerle and with our friend and her husband, very cozy. The drive to Schiphol flies, before we know it we are in the departure hall. We had already checked in online and after some research we come to a place where we can deliver our suitcases. At the time the suitcases slipping I suddenly remember that they are not locked. Hoping for the best but then, otherwise it is a colorful part of all colorful, summery clothes scattered on the conveyor belt ... We have a coffee with our friends, take extensive leave of them and look for the counter where we requested can arrange transport wheelchair. Sjonny can not walk very far and Schiphol is obviously enormous. The desk is quickly found and we can bring a wheelchair to the aircraft, without accompaniment, delicious five of us.

Comfort Class
 Our whole trip was sponsored to our seats in the plane. We are comfort class, which is very nice. Sjonny here can be lost device easier and I can stretch my legs. Henry is somewhat tighter, but then again a lot longer than we have. Overall, the rise of the aircraft Sjon turn the air unit. I find it very exciting and fingers crossed that everything goes well. Fortunately, the flight goes smoothly. By the end of the flight Sjon replacing a battery, but nothing happens. Only Marleen has the misfortune to sit next to a lady who does not speak English or another language understood, so for her the flight lasts longer.

Local service
 A steward comes to ask if Sjon wheelchair transport from the plane will. And yes, that he wants. We do not know how far it is from the plane to the airport, or there are buses and how it goes. He is very tired from the trip, so any help is welcome. The man who accompanies us walking quickly across the sweltering airport. The local time is 16:00. We are struggling to keep up with our seven pieces of hand luggage. And what are we grateful to this man when we see the queue for customs. In the plane we were given a form to fill out, something that is required in the Dominican Republic, and requests these. He then asked me to run with it and really, he runs past all the waiting. He gives the form, I pay and in no time we are back in Sjon and children. Then he leads us through passport control, where we get a visa, and we can move on to the baggage claim. The cases come after a long wait all neatly closed aanglijden. Hereafter be escorted to the bus when we suitcases and he asks for his tip. We are so thankful for this great start to our holiday that I actually decided to give him a generous tip!

First impression
 Arriving at our hotel, all guests to attend an information chat. We are told about the rooms, minibar, safety deposit boxes and much more. The first impression is very good. We see the swaying palm trees, a beautiful pool, and also welcome these fine works wonders. Enjoying what everybody loves us so much wished, can finally begin.

Mariska van Gennep is 49 years old and married with Sjonny. Together they have three children and they live in Assen. Sjonny has recently been diagnosed with ALS. What this means for Mariska and her family, read her blogs.