Dutch Fotomuseum Rotterdam

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Since 2008 Dutch Fotomuseum has a plant in the former warehouse Las Palmas on its head south in Rotterdam.

The building and its surroundings

Las Palmas is an old building on the Wilhelmina Pier, near Hotel New York, the former headquarters of the Holland America line. It is completely built of glass and fall as culture building on the distinctive interior and finishing. Next to the museum is the eponymous fish restaurant Herman den Blijker. On the road to it are derelict building sites, interspersed with modern offices. At the end is also the 'Montivedeo' with its height of 1523217 meters the tallest residential tower in the Netherlands. The whole is illustrated with stunning views over mesh.

The museum

The museum is in the interest of schools, researchers, and is favored by the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, which has endorsed the opinion of the Wertheimer Foundation to allocate the proceeds from the Wertheimer Fund in the years 2009-2012 for activities Dutch Fotomuseum. There is every Sunday at 2 pm a free tour of one hour, you should sign up on the day. In the spacious hall is a museum shop with an extensive collection of books by and about Dutch photography. Furthermore, reference books and catalogs on the exhibitions held at that time. Here is also a reception where you can get all the information about the museum and the exhibitions. The museum is wheelchair accessible with elevators to the basement and 1st floor, where a large screen on which computer-controlled state material can be requested, on numerous subjects, both by name and by date.
The permanent collection of the museum contains pictures of the history of Dutch photography and the Dutch history of the past century. There are 129 records stored in climate-controlled depots. These contain millions of negatives and a lot of documents about the life and work of Dutch photographers. The library provides in addition to books on photography and also material about conservation theory and has more than 60 subscriptions to professional journals. Here you can learn more about photography and get ideas for your own photos.
There is possibility to copy at a reasonable rate and scanning.

Trade shows

The exhibitions change regularly. I include the exhibition So Blue, So Blue by Ad van Denderen visited.
His photographs ?? s give a picture of the countries around the Mediterranean, which was far from the beautiful tourist image gives off.
In addition to the agreements, for example, the rapidly growing tourism, he brings the big problems and the political, religious and cultural differences into focus.
To show the versatility of this museum in the basement was "The glory years of Feyenoord." During this period, football was mature and part of our visual culture. Nice were the old newspaper clippings and photographs ?? s including Coen Molijn and Cor van der Gijp. The museum lends itself by its openness for various activities and exhibitions. Visiting Dutch photo museum is a must, Rotterdam has a very valuable museum at.
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