Dutch Obesity Clinic: + cost method

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Obesity concerns overweight, but goes a step further than a few pounds which would be allowed off. Obesity means namely obesity, meaning that you have a BMI of 30 or higher. There are a total of five degrees of obesity, namely:

  • BMI 25-30: Overweight
  • BMI 30-35: Obesity
  • BMI 35-40: severe obesity
  • BMI 40-50: Morbid obesity
  • BMI> 50: Super-obese

The consequences of overweight and obesity

The more overweight you are, the greater the risk to your overall health. So you have to deal with include high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, arthritis, type 2 diabetes and even heart attack or stroke. Obesity is a very serious condition that can have fatal consequences.

Dutch Obesity Clinic

According Netherlands Obesity Clinic obesity should be treated by a team of professionals. The team of NOK therefore consists of a physician, internist, psychologist, surgeon, dietician and exercise specialist. Every aspect of your life is so scrutinized.

Program Obesity Clinic

It's obesity clinic program lasts two years and is based on a complete lifestyle change. The program is arranged as follows:

  • Orientation meeting: introduction and information-gathering
  • Decision: do you want to participate or not?
  • Multidisciplinary screening: physical and psychological tests
  • Conclusion: you is or is not considered suitable as a client
  • Treatment: you follow a two-year treatment, consisting of 6 blocks, divided into three phases
  • Operation: During phase 1 surgery generally takes place if you have a BMI above 35 to 40

Cost Obesity Clinic

Participation in the two-year program of an obesity clinic is relatively costly. The cost of the Obesity Clinic are listed below ...

  • Orientation meeting: 0 euro
  • Screening: 100 euro
  • Phase 1: 1900 euro
  • Phase 2: 1.900 euro
  • Phase 3: 500 euro

The total cost for the program of the Obesity Clinic are therefore about 4400 euro; these costs are rarely fully reimbursed by health insurance. Consider you are participating in a program of the Dutch Obesity Clinic? Or did you already experience with it? Leave a comment below!