DVD-talk: Pompei

Entertainment DenNorske July 25, 2016 0 10
'Pompeii' is an Italian film-cum-mini-series that mainly focuses on the budding romance between two slaves during the last days of the Roman Pompeii ...


There have been over the years all kinds of fantastic television series that showed us ancient Rome. Think of I, Claudius from the seventies, and more recently, Rome. ?? Well, that's what we can, ?? Italian director Paoli Poets must have thought, and so he let Pompei resurrected in the mini series Pompeii, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, who obtained a shorter title in our region.
Pompeii is to Italian standards prestigious miniseries annex movie of 191 minutes, which is published by Dutch Filmworks in a beautiful cardboard box in the shape of an old book. It's all about what a slow start in the twenty-first century. We see how there are far too quickly grows a romance between two archaeologists for male scientist asks his colleague to tell a story about Pompeii. Fortunately, then switches to a tale which takes place many years before. That revolves mainly around a Thracian slave who falls in love with Elena, a slave who serves the same master. The one and the other, of course, leads to the necessary complications, and despite the warnings of a doomsday prophet does not label his beaten the last days of Pompeii.


Most performances seem to be in order, but in the end it is often difficult to say how well the occupation was doing. The dialogues are dubbed after all, a very that although The Inquiry, a DVD that same period also by Dutch Filmworks the market has been thrown, signed. Even worse is that the voice actors are not so good and that there are many unnatural pauses and intonation are heard. The much too generic music that pops up during key scenes helps the flow ?? ?? the story does not really move forward. It remains quite interesting and fun to watch, but the story lacks the necessary X-factor. That's because just about everything is about animal magnetism. The intriguing character studies that we know from previous English-language series on Romans, lacking almost completely, as well as the diversity of situations, complications and storylines. Instead, we get to see a lot of rutting Italians who all really mostly doing their best to get the ladies of their choice in bed. Of course it is not oversimplified if we write, but essentially involves the story really is not much more than that. Furthermore see the fight scenes there for a connoisseur rather from amateurish. Only the slave driver of service convincing as a skilled warrior, while the majority of the actors clearly still needs to think too much about their rehearsed movements and struggle to get the proper exercise.
All this is well positioned in the context of a city that will soon perish. All kinds of signs announcing the end, while several seers be summoned to give their opinion about the near future and in between a Christian taunted. Thanks to this background the makers succeed partly in order to maintain some tension, but including the prediction of a female prophet being misunderstood is just too accurate to have credibility come. For those who want to know: the lady simply predicts our modern times.
Pompei is not really bad, but hit the ball just wrong on too many areas to convince. Fans of this period of time another, better, arrays have already seen, however, may be obtained from Dutch Filmworks to get an extra dose of ancient Rome. What's even better: the third DVD, The history of Pompeii, is a solid 44-minute documentary that is well worth watching. * 1/2


  • Director: Paolo Poeti
  • Screenplay: Fabio Campus
  • Production: Guido De Angelis, Maurizio De Angelis
  • Cinematography: Gianlorenzo Battaglia


  • Victor Alfieri
  • Tomas Arana
  • Linda Batista
  • Gunther Gillian
  • Vanessa Gravina
  • Bettina Zimmerman