Easter egg for Easter Bunny

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Easter egg for Easter Bunny: Do you know why Easter is celebrated and why bunnies, chicks, eggs and hear much more from this celebration?

Easter: what do we celebrate?

What we really celebrate Easter. Do you know? Most people do not know exactly. Well, Easter follows the fasting period, which lasts forty days. Easter word "celebrate" that Jesus rose from the dead. Easter is a Christian feast. But what do eggs and bunnies have to do with? Nothing at all! Only later is there anything added. And since Easter falls in the spring, it's also nice to equal to welcome spring.

Who is the Easter Bunny

He is sweet hey that bunny. But he also really exists? Well, hares certainly exist. But the Easter Bunny is a fabrication. There has never been a hare went around bringing eggs. Where the story came from? The hare is known for its fertility. Eggs represent new life, which in the spring is always the case. So the hare and eggs were combined.
Another idea is that people used to put an egg in the soil, to fertilize the soil. Actually "hide" an egg with it. A farmer has when an egg placed in a pit hares.
There is also a myth: a fertility goddess named Eastra often came in the form of a hare on earth. Its spring festival coincided with our Passover. In English called Easter then Easter, the goddess named.
In the 19th century, the Easter Bunny have been introduced in the Netherlands. Before that we had the Easter bird. But there was an Easter bird who had done something wrong and thus turned into a hare. Only once a year, at Easter, the Easter Bunny could again lay eggs.
Incidentally, the Easter Bunny is really a hare and a rabbit. Many retailers show images of a rabbit. Apparently difficult to get a rabbit for a photo shoot? No, because the Belgian Hare, a rabbit breed and just a pet resembles the hare.

Eggs cooking

Boil the eggs seven minutes, not shorter, not longer. If you cook them too long, there is a green or black border around the yolk. When you cook them shorter, the egg is too soft. To color the eggs, you can do while cooking color tablets in the water. These are at different places for sale. Only use these dyes, these are harmless.
Self dyeing eggs can also use a harmless water-based paint. Broken boiled eggs should not be painted.

Chocolate eggs and bunnies

Nice huh, all that chocolate ,. And it looks so beautiful. Children are happy with it and adults also eat there like some of way. Also nice to give or to get at Easter. You are true works of art in between.
Did you know that twenty of those little chocolate eggs gives you about 1,000 calories? It is therefore not surprising that many people after Easter still some extra kilos have sit. Chocolate fills enormous. Watch what you eat so.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter. On this day celebrates the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. In some areas, a traditional procession is held with Easter stick.