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Sandra Ianculescu - People who eat less may live a longer and healthier.
Caloric restriction has serious effects on the body that researchers hope to be able to induce using the pills.

Since they eat 25% less, the volunteers of the study CALERIE are also lost weight 10 pounds, feel healthier, lighter and more energetic. In addition, scientists suspect that will also have a longer life than other people.

CALERIE study, conducted at the University of Boston, started from the idea that people who consume fewer calories enjoy better health, which would ensure a longer life.

This view would seem a paradox. If you eat to live, how is it that less food means a longer life? To date, scientists have a precise explanation. The fact is that this conclusion was drawn after many years of studies on various organisms, from fungi to mice.

Individuals who eat less live 50% longer.
For now we know that even monkeys have a longer life if they eat less. Primates that have not been fed properly presented significantly lower rates of diabetes, heart disease and cancer than chimps that had eaten their fill.

Whenever you keep a low calorie diet, it reduces cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar, and this results in a longer life. However, in addition to the prevention of many deadly and debilitating diseases, caloric restriction seems to trigger other mechanisms that prolong our lives. CALERIE study aims to find out just what those mechanisms.

Volunteers will eat 25-30% less than their normal energy requirements for two years, after which it will be made of careful analysis to see what has changed in their bodies. Researchers will determine if all people can benefit from this caloric restriction, or if there are contraindications.

We look forward to the results.
Some scientists from 1935 awaiting clarification. Even then it was revealed that the mice that ate less and were maintained in a good state of physical training, they lived longer.
The question we ask is: "It 's possible that a slight feeling of hunger acts as a mild and constant stress factor, which strengthens the body and makes it more resistant to the problems of the age"? Also - "it is possible that caloric restriction slows the metabolism to the point to live longer a subject"?

Once you find the exact link between the sense of hunger and longevity, the researchers will have to identify and study in detail the molecular mechanisms.
Maybe one day there will be drugs that stimulate the same molecular mechanisms in order to make us live longer without having to go hungry.