Education in Netherlands

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In the Netherlands it is compulsory for every child to attend school for 12 full years. Most children go to school and have become his fourth year of school age but only if five years has become. Going to school is easy to say but with all types of schools there is still a difficult choice. There are two main education: the ordinary and the special education

Mainstream education

under this category includes two types of schools: public and private. Schools that are founded public schools named by the government. Schools that are founded by an association or foundation are special schools.
Public education
A public school is open to all children and there is not taught from a particular religion or belief. The public schools are open to all children regardless of religion or ideology whatsoever.
Special education
Within the special education most schools are Catholic or Protestant Christian. Also, there are generally special schools, which are not based on a particular view of life, there is no distinction between the students: everyone is welcome from any conviction or color whatsoever. The competent authority is not the church, but a school board, that most general-denominational schools entirely or partially comprised of parents and the rest of expert volunteers, who are paid no monetary compensation, but are working out of idealism with education. The involvement of such a government with education is so great as it concerns their own children! Moreover, there are no long policies; it can be quickly decided.
Some schools organize their teaching according to certain educational and / or teaching methods, such as Montessori, Dalton, Freinet and Jena Plan. These schools can be public but also assume a certain worldview. Furthermore, there are Jews in the Netherlands, Islamic, Hindu, Humanist and free schools. The free school is based on the anthroposophic spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner.

Special education

For children who are not in mainstream education can go to school, there are special primary schools. For these children with a disability are the special schools.
These schools are divided into four clusters:
Cluster 1:
  • school children who are blind or visually impaired
  • schools for multiply handicapped visually impaired children
Cluster 2:
  • schools for children who are deaf
  • schools for children with hearing loss
  • schools for multiply handicapped deaf or hearing-impaired children
  • schools for children with severe speech and / or language difficulties
Cluster 3:
  • schools for children with learning difficulties
  • schools for multiply disabled children with learning difficulties
  • schools for chronically ill children with somatic problems
  • schools for children with physical disabilities
  • schools for multiply disabled children with physical disabilities
Cluster 4:
  • schools for children with severe problems in behavior, with developmental problems and / or psychiatric problems, LZK with psychiatric problems)

There are public and private schools for special education.