EEStor makes a super battery!

Science x88edde August 7, 2016 3 0
Texas is a mysterious plant of the company EEStor. Only staff may be inside, while everyone might like to take a look. Presumably, there is a kind of "super battery" is made. In this article you can read all about that mysterious super battery.


In 2004 the company EEStor announced that it would start working on a super battery. Earlier that year, a man says to have found a way to store large amounts of energy in a short time. Several investors diving for the invention, but investor Kleiner Perkins comes as the winner. The company invests more than $ 5 million in the super battery.
EEStor building a large factory in Texas, where staff to work with the development of the battery. The plant is totally isolated from the rest of the world and therefore developed around the development of the battery a mysterious atmosphere. So several people trying to take pictures of the factory and trying to get people to come unseen in the factory. Yet leak, except for some blurry pictures with accompanying hazy stories, but few from around the battery.

Super capacitor

The super battery, in English called super capacitor, may well be the invention of the century can be. Or so claims EEStor. The battery should all at least five times longer as a regular battery. The principle behind the battery is not very different to that of a regular laptop or phone battery; Electricity is stored temporarily in a piece of metal.
Previous attempts in the Netherlands and abroad, to develop a battery that could last longer failed. The process of transferring energy cost so much energy that it was not worth the effort.
The super capacitor could mean a solution for the use of various devices. For example, a phone call days longer on a battery work, the same goes for a laptop. The super capacitor could make a difference in the use of cars that run on electricity. Such cars must now charge the 30 kilometers. In the future, electric cars using the super battery would easily be able to drive 500 kilometers.
Another big difference with regular batteries is that the super battery recharges itself in about five minutes. That would mean the end of the long wait until a device is charged. Also the size of the battery would differ from ordinary batteries. A battery of an electric car today still fills nearly the entire trunk. The supercapacitor, in the case of electric cars only have the size of a large suitcase.


Recently, there is a conversation leaked from one of the bosses of EEStor. During this conversation might have been said by the boss of EEStor that the battery is ready, and that it therefore not be long that the battery will be shown to the world. The super battery has been tested by Zenn Motor Company, and this indicated that the batteries actually do what is claimed. Also, aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin would be testing the battery.
When consumers the battery can see and / or purchase is not yet known. Most super capacitors will be processed initially in devices like cars or laptops, so they will be loose not yet available.