EFT is correct; tap yourself from emotions

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Tapping, tapping or EFT you can teach yourself within a few minutes. It is an effective method to overcome stress and negative emotions. Since knocking on your face there for others might look strange, you can do this best in personal circumstances. Increasingly EFT scientifically proven to have a positive outcome. EFT is a delightful self-medication means that the use of medicines can reduce or prevent.
Eight basis points to beat.


  • What is EFT?
  • Research
  • Conclusion
  • Cortisol
  • Do it yourself
  • How to apply EFT?
  • Karate Chop Point and meridian points
  • Quantify your emotions

What is EFT?

Means EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. You may have heard of stress as a cause factor in diseases. Conversely, it also works: positive thinking leads scientifically proven to faster recovery and shorter time in the hospital. That has everything to do with energy; negative energy malfunction in the immune system and positive energy has a positive effect on the immune system. The nervous system is intimately connected with the life energy and the immune system. The meridians are the ends of the energy pathways. If they are touched, an energy blockage is resolved so the energy can flow more freely. This can lead to the overcoming of problems and illnesses.


Petra Stapleton covers 20 years people with eating disorders. They examined eight weeks, 89 people with eating disorders which causes obesity. Instead of giving a diet, showed them to apply the women EFT. After eight weeks, the women had lost an average of seven kilos. Her trial lasted half a year longer and in those six months, the women were no longer to arrive. That's pretty unique for people who lose weight; usually there is the yo-yo effect.


You might conclude that is corrected by the EFT emotion food. Stress caused by emotional factors such as fear, resentment, anger, guilt, uncertainty about your appearance, envy and jealousy can provide an escapist eating. Escapism is the compulsive flights in an act to avoid a situation or feeling; In this case, they fled to eat emotions through overuse.


When a person experiences stress, the amygdala is activated to create cortisol. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone. This cortisol is also responsible for fat storage and the craving for sugary stuffing. In a state of stress is moreover slowed down digestion. That means that the sugars are absorbed more quickly but important nutrients such as minerals and vitamins not. The body will therefore continue to demand nutrients and thus it keeps hunger. Scientific research shows that when the meridians are activated using EFT, less cortisol is produced. In a study involving 83 people were involved, on average 24% less cortisol was measured. There was also talk therapy given to a group of people; among them cortisol levels decreased by an average of 14%. Subsequently, it has been also made MRI scans of the brain areas that are associated with stress. These scans could see that there is less stress as they EFT or talk therapy follows.

Do it yourself

The beauty of EFT is that you can do it yourself. You can knock on your own meridian points in your face. That also means that you can do it anywhere: during breaks at work, on the train and just at home on the couch. If you are suffering from emotion-food, it is advisable to apply to drink a glass of water and EFT.

How to apply EFT?

If you are applying EFT important to an emotion with which you are dissatisfied to express yourself. You focus on a sentence which is currently the emotional problem is phrased. Then this emotion is resolved. Such emotion sentences could be:
  • I'm sick of my overweight, or:
  • I'm experiencing stress in my home, or:
  • I experience too heavy stress.

After EFT treatment you can be aware of the underlying layer of your problem, for example:
  • I eat because I feel unhappy or:
  • If my roommate judge me, I suffer it or under:
  • My colleague has always lame jokes about my person which I see as negative.

You focus more on the underlying problem. Thus, it continues at each EFT session. The sentences do not initially not be long. You can also repeat: this anger, this solitude, this frustration, this stress or my feelings of jealousy. In the second instance, you can apply a more specific phrase that is more focused on your situation.

Karate Chop Point and meridian points

You start knocking on your karate point. That is the side of your hand between your wrist and your finger. You pronounce the sentence that you start several times while you knock on your karate point. Then go to the meridian points in your face while you pronounce the sentence. Please see the big picture in this article. The numbers below correspond to the numbers on the image.
  • Hand side, karate point
  • Nasal bridge between the eyes
  • The side of your eyes, where your eyebrow ends,
  • Under your eyes
  • Under Your Nose
  • On your chin
  • On your shoulder, under your collarbone
  • On the side of your thumb hole, point finger, and pinky middelvingertp

  • You judge for yourself whether you are helped with EFT technique to get rid of negative emotions.

    Quantify your emotions

    After conducting an EFT treatment, you can check with yourself if it helped. Most people feel more relaxed and have more positive thoughts after performing EFT. It may be that a more intense emotion just bring itself forward in your consciousness. Then you need to repeat the technique. Some people advise to start your stress a number between 0 and 10 to give after treatment and again your feelings of stress. By giving your stressful feelings to yourself a grade make it easier for yourself if you book a measurable positive result. Most people take to himself a slight or strong improvement where the strength of the emotion with which they are dealing. Not infrequently, after one or two treatments, the emotion vanished forever. You judge for yourself whether you are helped with EFT technique to get rid of negative emotions.