EHealth: remote care for chronic patients

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Telemedicine and eHealth. They look like terms from a science fiction movie. But the first European pilot project is already there, TELUS Health and Orange, conducted with chronically ill kidney patients. What is it? Medical care and remote monitoring via tablets, specific software and secure connections between patients and caregivers. For whom it is? Especially for chronic patients is a godsend. Even intensive checks can be carried out in this way from their own environment. Telemedicine. It sounds like a theme in a science fiction movie. Let alone a term as eHealth. But it is already there. It is already underway to telemedicine, which include an outcome may be for chronically ill patients. A European project of TELUS Health Solutions and Orange, called the Calydial solution "was to control in patients with kidney disease. The pilot proved that assumes a positive impact of telemedicine on quality of care and patient safety. Not for nothing was this initiative at the Health IT exhibition in Paris the Innovation Award.

Monitoring and remote care

What matters? Telemedicine is based on computer-based remote care, including in the form of monitoring patients with chronic diseases. The Calydial solution, in which patients with chronic renal failure receiving remote control, was conducted in collaboration with the University Hospital in Grenoble, the Calydial dialysis centers in Lyon and AGDUC health center which is also located in Grenoble. The pilot revealed among other things that the satisfaction among patients about the care provided, but also improved patient support.

The pilot: what, who and how

The pilot was a group of chronic kidney patients, selected by a team of physicians and AGDUC Calydial were to participate in a survey. Then a process of starting that revolves around so-called "RPM" or Remote Patient Monitoring, a solution developed by TELUS and Orange. The patients were working with a tablet computer plus software for their vital signs were monitored. Both she and the caregivers were able to make contact through a secure network with each other, and retrieve or exchange data. Self-sufficiency was of particular importance: the group of patients could self-administer medication and treatment protocols and provide feedback to the care team.

Future Music

Of course a limited pilot project, but the first results did show that it is an ergonomic and reliable solution that can also be applied to other institutions and other chronic diseases. Precisely for chronically ill telemedicine is a positive development: This can prevent many hospital and institution visits, which are now exchanged for the convenience of your own environment.

The advantages

Telemedicine not only helps the patient to reach, as much as possible on daily life profound concern. Telemedicine can also help improve the quality of patient care, reducing certain costs and make the best health data available for both caregivers and patients. This leads to a better decision in the picture, but also a greater opportunity for the patient himself to be well informed and actively involved in the care process.

Medicine and professional IT knowledge?

You can in the name even swallowed. Orange? That is such a big telecom provider? And who is a little known internationally, TELUS might know sometimes as large Canadian telecommunications company. Well. It is perhaps curious to see such names combined with medical themes and the addition of 'Health' to the business. But despite the hesitant of which there sometimes is around such combinations, especially since it comes to businesses, this is a possible solution for now and for the future. Orange's been ten years now "health solutions". And what in the Netherlands only just begins, across the border already provide a successful way of care. "TELUS is Canada a leader in telehealth and telemedicine. We have more than 10,000 patients who use our RPM technology to manage their chronic condition, just from their own home," stressed Kasra Moozar, vice president of TELUS Health Solutions. Says about the collaboration with Orange Moozar "With Orange, we can expand our business into international markets allows us to use our award-winning and proven solutions to stimulate health objectives by exploiting information to give people better health.. "

"Telemedicine can completely transform health care"

"Orange saw early in the possibilities telemedicine can provide and runs since then at the forefront of its development," explains Thierry Zylberberg, executive vice president of Orange Healthcare, increasing. "Telemedicine can improve how we use health care completely. We are proud to partner with TELUS Health Solutions. Together we can develop solutions in the field of telemedicine that positively affect the quality of care for chronically ill patients and the way healthcare is provided by health care providers. "

Who Orange Healthcare?

Over the course of more than ten years, Orange has gained extensive experience in providing integrated and customer-driven technology solutions for healthcare professionals, providers and patients. This is possible by working closely with healthcare professionals and healthcare providers. The technology then provides better quality and more efficient for everyone. In 2007, Orange had seen to be involved in the health sector from Orange Healthcare to set up the new health division of Orange.Meer about Orange at

Who is TELUS Health?

TELUS Health is a leader in the field of telemedicine, electronic health records, remote patient monitoring, mobile home care and community care, consumer health and management and dispensing of medicines. TELUS provides solutions to health authorities, providers, physicians, patients and resources to help consumers to get the most information when it comes to health care. More about TELUS Health on
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