Elderly Fund looks back on great season Geer & Goor

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"Touching and hilarious," Monique Wolfkamp calls the compilation broadcast 'Geer and Goor: Where, What? ". "Also nice that it was dedicated to Cris, the older cats who visited the boat and died a few days after the shooting. And Siem who scattered abroad his wife's ashes and where it is not so good it goes. "

About 15,000 SMSs received the National Elderly Fund Thursday October 23rd. "We would like to greatly thank everyone who has contributed in some way, who has donated, volunteered as a volunteer, bought a bracelet or an action started. This allows the Elderly Fund can do so much more for all those older people who need it so hard, "said Monique. The future can be for Euro 2.50 gesms't to 4333.

More volunteers

Remarkably again this year thousands of young people in particular register as a volunteer for the Elderly Fund, without being called for this. "Once again let Geer & Goor see that young Dutch have their hearts in the right place and be prepared in volunteering to convert, over 2400 volunteers, like it's nothing!" Said Professor Luke Meijs, Dutch professor Volunteering at the Erasmus University. "Just to show what is needed and can be done. There you will also get young people along the bank. "

Fulfill wishes

The Elderly Fund is in line with the program also fulfill wishes of the elderly. "Not in Dubai or Turkey, but just in the Netherlands," says Monique. "We also continue to help elderly people in the Netherlands who need it very hard. Not with grand tours, but with little meaningful tours and services such as shopping Plusbus, Christmas dinners and beach getaways. "