Electronics gadgets for 2011

Electronic hejpadej July 25, 2016 0 16
The year 2010 was a good year for gadgets. The gadgets are smarter better and more popular than ever. Everyone today has a gadget bag or home staan.Maar 2011 also has to offer a lot of gadgets. Here's a list of some gadgets that make sure to go in 2011.


In 2010, Apple introduced the first affordable consumer tablet called the iPad. The tablet will replace the netbooks that were upcoming gadget in 2009 and partly in 2010. The iPad tablet hit like a bomb in the gadget world and they were not dragging. The year 2011 will be fully into the theme of the tablet. Only this year, not only will Apple be the one that has the entire tablet market with the iPad. This year, there is plenty of choice from tablets because the companies do not have to miss out on the success of the tablet. A tablet is a must have for the year 2011. A number of tablets in 2011 at a glance:
  • HTC Flyer
  • Galaxy Tab 2 from Samsung
  • Xoom from Motorola
  • Blackberry Playbook
  • iPad 2 from Apple

  • Smartphones

    The ordinary mobile phone is being replaced by the smartphone. Only calling and texting is no longer enough. We need internet access in, gaming and chatting. With the current developed operating systems for smartphones is now all possible. We also make extensive use of apps in 2011. The programs that make life easier. For every need there is an app developed this suit you. The smartphones of 2011 have a tighter design a nicer display and the battery life will last longer. Here's a list of smartphones in 2011:
    • Apple iPhone 5
    • Samsung Galaxy S2
    • Google Nexus 4
    • HTC Evo 4G
    • HTC 7 Pro
    • Blackberry bold 9900

    Gaming handhelds

    Smartphones and tablets in 2011, increasingly used as a portable game device. But there are also two truly portable game devices in 2011 to compete with each other and the smartphones and tablets to go. The game market is growing strongly and will be fixed in 2011 have a new high. The Nintendo Wii game computer has reached a completely new target group, and this group also need more games and new consoles. Here the two gaming handhelds:
    • Nintendo 3DS
    • Playstation NPG

    TV Media Player

    The ultimate gadget for the home. In 2011 we all start using the media player. The media player must be connected to a TV offer many possibilities. Thus, films directly from the media player checks whether through the computer, which then streams the films to the media player. But when the media player is connected to the Internet it is also possible to your Facebook or Twitter to check your accoount, if you look at your missed delivery missed back via broadcast. Additionally supply the creators of the media player are other small programs that, for example pictures can be viewed on the media player. So it is really the gadget for the home. Some versions of the media player:
    • Apple TV 2nd gen
    • D-Link Boxee Box
    • Western Digital TV HD
    • Popcorn Hour C-200

    Other gadgets

    Of course, there are also new products to market in the year 2011. So this year we can expect the mini projectors. These are tiny projectors that can be stabbing as in your pocket and can accommodate small PowerPoint presentations. As it seems Apple will this year no new type of gadget announce more, and so it remains to be seen what will all be there in 2011.