Elephant Life

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Elephants are the largest and heaviest land animals. An Asian elephant weighs 3500 kilos. It can be 6 meters long. He is almost three meters high. It is therefore often used as a working elephant.

Different species of elephants

The most famous elephant species is the Asian elephant. In addition, there is still one kind of elephant, this is the Afrikanse elephant. The only live in nature reserves in South Africa. The African elephant is bigger of the Asian elephant. An adult African elephant weighs 5,000 kg.
African elephants have larger tusks and ears. And he has two fingers ?? ?? to his trunk, instead of one.

How does an Asian elephant?

Asian elephants live in grasslands and forests in Africa and Asia., Especially in places on the edge of the forest. Here are trees, open fields, water and placed with low plants. At present, there are still 28 000 to 42 000 Asian elephants in the wild.
Elephants live in herds. These consist of females and young. A daughter stays with her mother. A son. He leaves after seven years his flock. He lives on his own or with other males. In the herd of elephants have some more to say than others. This is not due to size or strength. Family ties are very important. In the wild, elephants a very old granny can sometimes lead the herd. Her grandchildren are perhaps much bigger and stronger. Yet they listen to her. When danger threatens elephants work together to defend themselves. Herd members will tow an elephant attacked to save her. Also, they can quickly flights. Elephants can run up to 48 kilometers per hour. When elephants lose sight of each other, they are in contact with a sound. This is a low, grunting sound. Nobody knows whether this sound from the stomach or the head is. There is a risk for one of them, the elephant stopped. The sudden silence alerts the rest of the herd. This is not time. Only when the danger has passed, they continue to rumble. So tell the elephants each other that everything is in order. Elephants sometimes make trumpet sounds. They do this when they are happy or scared. Each elephant has its own personality. Something only humans and apes too. Elephants can include best friends. Or just long fight. Family is very important, especially for the females.
Eating the Asian elephant
An elephant is 17 hours a day searching for food. They eat plants, branches, leaves, grass, fruits and roots. They tackle all with their trunks. She fetch bark of trees with their mouths. They are very strong. They can easily pushing over trees. So they can get to the upper branches in the young leaves. Asian elephants also eat lots of juicy grass. In the jungle grows much of this grass. It rains there is significant amount. An elephant has lots of food needed. He eats 120 to 150 kilos per day. Because an elephant eats so much, he poops too much. Ten elephants defecate in one day or 500 kilograms of manure. They thus ensure that seeds start growing again in other places. They eat a lot. Therefore they have good teeth. Elephants have four special molar teeth. These wear out after a while. They are then exchanged for new ones. During his life changes one elephant are choosing five times. After the last time there will be no more new. When they are worn, an elephant can no longer chew his food, and he dies. Usually he is a year or 65
Young elephants
Elephants can get throughout the year boy. Most elephants females have their first baby when they are about 12 years old. They get one young at a time. A young elephant calf is called. The mother carries the calf 18 to 22 months in her womb. No other animal is so long pregnant. Just before birth, the mother left with another female herd. This female is called 'auntie'. She remains in the mother during the birth. A calf at birth is about one meter high. It weighs 90 to 150 kilograms. The calf stands first on shaky legs. But after a few hours it can already walk. After two days he can join the herd. He drinks milk from its mother. Her nipples sit between her legs. The elephant does not drink with the trunk, but with his mouth. It takes six months for a calf is a bit handy with his trunk.
A young also drinks with his aunts. Sometimes the mother dies. An aunt gives on for the young. After six months, the calf eats grass and other plants. But he will remain for years with his mother drinking. Mother and daughters to stay together in the herd. The sons leave the group. This they usually do when they are about seven years. In the wild, it may be that a bully only 14 years leaves the herd. If the herd has plenty of space, the bulls can stay longer in the herd.

Enemies of the Asian elephant

Such large, strong animals have few enemies. Young elephants should be careful before tigers. But which are not so fast to an elephant. Mother and aunts look good in fact! The greatest enemy is man. Man cuts the rainforests. This leaves little room for the elephant. Also they are slain for their tusks. Such agreements are of ivory. These people make sculptures and jewelery. Elephant hunting is prohibited. But unfortunately there are poachers who do it anyway. Only in parks elephants can still live safely.