Emissions trading

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In The Netherlands 300 companies for 45% of emissions in vervuling. The companies receive emission allowances, that is to say they have been given the right of the government to pollute. When they pollute less than the rights they have, they can sell their allowances; which is called trading. Emissions trading is basically dirty air commerce.


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There is even a special scholarship was established in emission rights. The emissions policy should convey the idea to the people of the land that the government is doing something to combat the pollution. In fact, there is no less polluted, but companies have an extra administrative obligation there. When a company is up-imposed emissions are likely to exceed or do not have to stop polluting; it could simply buy additional allowances on the exchange.

The emissions authority

The Dutch Emissions Authority has been active since 2006. This agency of the government to check whether allowances and obligations are met. If a company has too much C02of CH4uitstoot, then check this agency if there are enough additional allowances acquired. Buy emission in the short term is cheaper than producing clean.

Foreign Emission

Allowances may be purchased abroad. That of course leads to governments of other countries raise all kinds of allowances in life that can be sold to other countries. In the Netherlands, many companies have purchased emission rights from abroad to go unpunished by polluting the air. Emissions trading is air commerce. Unfortunately, the trade in dirty air.


Emissions trading is a result of the Kyoto Protocol. The climate conference in Kyoto was actually fails; they could not agree on clean production. Instead of producing clean, governments with the introduction of emissions trading businesses given a legitimacy to pollute with impunity.


Emissions trading is a farce and does not work to improve the environment. By buying emission allowances in order to buy off their guilt a company or government can say they think a lot about the environment. It is a kind of advertising. Allowances are a pseudo-measure. The 300 Dutch companies who provide nearly half the pollution in the Netherlands, should only be able to display an additional piece of paper if they exceed the emission norm. Companies and governments knock zihzelf chest and say look, we do something about the environment. Pollution will be bought with money. It looks like the indulgence of the Roman Catholic Church; The sins can be redeemed.

CO2 is good

The fact that pollution can be bought off with money shows that one prevails over economy a healthy environment. CO2 is considered the most important greenhouse. Unfortunately, no scientific consensus about it. However, it is well known that methane and carbon dioxide are a very polluting substances as companies emit it. Yet there is one policy aimed at. Carbon dioxide emission is through the stock market has become a commodity, like coffee and sugar.