Energy Conservation Tips: better insulation

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Energy prices are rising still. It therefore pays to save energy. In the article several energy saving tips and insulation tips are shown which you can prevent heat loss and drafts can solve.


  • Insulate the house
  • Avoid drafts
  • Loss heat front door
  • Windows and glazing
  • Keep doors closed
  • Ventilate

Insulate the house

Nowadays, new houses well insulated, but when you live in an older home, there is a chance that your home is poorly insulated. In that case, take measures to ensure that the house is better insulated. Examples of possibilities are insulation floor insulation, ceiling insulation, wall insulation, insulation of pipes, and so on. Optionally, enable a specialized company to assess whether changes to the insulation to wish the most leaves.

Avoid drafts

There is little more unpleasant than ride feel in your home. It ensures that the perceived temperature is lower than the actual temperature. Avoid drafts by sealing cracks and crevices for example, a weather strip or fabric roll. In order to find the origin of trip can be made of a candle. The candle flame will flicker in particular when it is held in the trip. Incidentally, you should always make sure that the home is still ventilated.

Loss heat front door

When the door is frequently opened and closed a lot of heat gets lost. Also, the unnecessarily long open of the mail box is disadvantageous for the retention of heat. Solutions may, for example, to construct a vestibule or placing a cover or letterbox ?? brush.

Windows and glazing

More and more homes have double glazing, such as energy-efficient HR ++ glass. Still, there are many houses that are fitted with single glazing. Despite the high investment pays to replace single glazing with double glazing. When you do find the investment too high you may want to use glazing. While sashes do not have the returns of HR ++ glass, the insulating effect is a lot better than single glazing. Also hanging heavy thick curtains for windows have an insulating effect.

Keep doors closed

Avoid heat leakage losses by the various chambers and rooms well separated from each other by closing doors. A useful tool in this is placing closers. Also connect stairwells well-off means such as a door or curtain.


Obviously, good ventilation is important for a healthy indoor climate. While it may sound strange, good ventilation is also important to save energy. Outside air is drier and therefore will warm faster. When your home is equipped with mechanical ventilation to optimize ventilation. Make sure when mechanical ventilation or allow components and schedules are kept clean so that the effect remains optimal.