Epilators: how and why

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By plucking with an epilator, stay away longer hairs, and they come back thinner. Like with tweezers, an epilator pulls the hair out of it, roots and all. It only goes a lot faster than with forceps. An epilator does cost something, but it's an investment that is worth considering. Following is some information about the device to us for weeks promises a smooth skin.

What is an epilator?

Epilators are electrical appliances that remove body hair. The devices have, just as razors, a head that has to be on the skin and is moved slowly. A razor cuts the hair but only occasionally an epilator pulls the hair out with carrot. The head of the unit consists of several built-in tweezers ?? ?? which are alternately open and close. If the power is on, the head turns around and grab the tweezers ?? ?? hair fixed. By rotating the hair is then pulled out.

How to use

Plucking is the least painful and works best if the hair between 2mm and 5mm long. Long hair epilation is very painful, so it is useful to shave off the first. There are different types of devices for sale. These all have their own manual. However, there are some generalities that can be applied to almost any device.
It is important that the housing-free cream, and is dry. Turn on the device. Then rub the skin to make the hairs stand up. Turn the unit vertically, at an angle of 90 degrees on the skin and move the appliance against the direction of hair growth. Press the appliance too hard on the skin, but move calmly and quietly.
Legs must be plucked from the bottom up. To epilation is the most convenient to stretch the leg to the knees and knees. Some epilators are also underarms and bikini hair. However, these parts are very sensitive! After a number of times to have plucked will decrease pain.
It is often advised to ?? evening waxing so any skin irritations can pull away in the night. After epilation may use a moisturizer so skin which calms. Also it is good to occasionally scrubbing to so reduces the risk of ingrown hairs. If returning hairs namely not pass through the skin surface can grow, they will continue to grow under the skin, which has the effect of vervelden bumps. Scrubbing and / or peeling reduces risk considerably.
Furthermore, for safety is very important to never use near water device! Also make sure that the device does not come into contact with hair, hair ribbons and the like.


The advantage of epilation over shaving is that the hair stay away longer. They are being pulled out by the roots so it will take longer before they come back. Furthermore, epilation not very expensive. A machine is not cheap, but it goes a long way. If it means you need to buy razor blades or less, the money is taken out as quickly. Furthermore, you can do it yourself at a time when it is convenient and does not cosmetologist to necessarily be involved like waxing is the case. It is also alleged that the regrowth is thinner and softer than before again it incurred no stubble.


Plucking can, especially in the beginning, are pretty painful. It can also irritate the skin and increases the risk of ingrown hairs. In these cases, epilation is not recommended or advised consulting a physician:
  • In eczema, varicose veins, wounds and inflammations of the skin
  • When thickened birthmarks
  • With decreased immunity of the home such as pregnancy, diabetes and Raynaud's disease
  • In haemophilia

Further, it may be that not all hairs are removed because they are either too thin and it's a pretty time consuming.

What kind epilator?

There are different types of epilators. Some contain a separate cooling system to reduce the pain. Also, they are devices that separate attachments flour springs to remove hair from sensitive parts. This massage the skin so that it becomes less painful. Most epilators can be put at different speeds. For more experienced users a high velocity can be useful. There are also epilators for sale that can also be used in the shower. Note: this must be clearly mentioned there. In an ordinary epilator can not.
So look where you have needs, and consult an internet website that converts various devices in a row or get advice in a shop.