Esotericism: three spiritual secrets

Health Limbo55 August 8, 2016 0 0
You may think that everything in life happens by chance. That events and experiences you happen overnight. Nevertheless, this is not the case. There are three spiritual secrets that can change your life completely. Only you need to know this just. What are these secrets and where does this knowledge come from?

Esoteric knowledge

The ancient Egyptians made extensive use of esoteric knowledge during the heyday of their civilization. Esotericism secret spiritual knowledge to fathom just for insiders. This knowledge was applied in order to arrive in a higher state of consciousness. Thus did the Egyptians use of sounds and chanted mantras ?? s. In today's Western society, we are gradually becoming more alienated from this esoteric knowledge. Education, work, relationships and society are often focused on the left hemisphere, which is also known as the male energy. Examples of masculine energy: rational thinking, analyzing and science. As we start 2013 in the Aquarian age have come to the right hemisphere a more prominent role in our lives. Because of this we come into contact with the esoteric secrets. But what are these secrets, and how you can apply them to your own life?

The power of thought

Thoughts are strong tools to make all your intentions manifest. Here create advertising agencies have long been taking advantage of. Take, for example, Coca-Cola. The mainstream TV shows anywhere in the world images on a screen seeing people drink the drink Coca-Cola. These images also come in your head and mind. These thoughts are eventually translated into 3D manifestations. The result is that half of the people on this planet is drinking Coca-Cola.
Let's turn now agree. Esoteric knowledge becomes interesting when you apply yourself positively in your life. Take a desire you cherish long. Suppose you want to take a longer time. You want to own a successful business. This starts with the idea that your company already have. The more often you repeat the thought, the greater the likelihood that this will manifest itself. It is important that you do not think you want something - but just think your desired situation already lives fully. So what does your company look like? What are the services or products you offer? Do you have a physical place where you work? Get your customers? How the space look like? What colors are available? What is energy? Make a few scenes as a director of a film would. Play this every morning and evening for five minutes off in your head. After a brief period you will see that opportunities are going to arise making your dream manifest themselves.

The power of sound

Every sound is essentially frequency, and everything consists of frequency. People we. The moment we hear higher tones is automatically increased our frequency. As a klankschaal- or harp concert can be very harmonizing and healing effect. But the sounds of ocean waves have a relaxing effect. Literally you come thus in a higher frequency. Sounds may also work but destructive. So very low, hard bass can lower your rate. You can therefore be agitated, excited or even aggressive. This is what a house party or a busy store can do to you. Because you rate has dropped, you get sex drive, fat food and more desire for material possessions. This low bass give you nourishment to the ego. Your frequency is lowered.
In history are even whole civilizations destroyed by sound. But in the year 2014 the US military use sound waves to drive away protesters. It is therefore good to be aware what sound does to you and find out which sounds you do not want to experience. The higher frequencies you have, the easier you can manifest everything in this 3D reality. This is because you are literally lighter and therefore more in contact with the universal forces. You can increase frequencies by undergoing a singing bowl massage, listening to music with high sound and walking in the countryside. People can perceive frequencies between 20HZ and 20KHZ. Many birds make higher sounds, also called ultrasonic sounds that we can not hear. By staying in their environment will be automatically increased your own frequency.

The power of words

Words are very powerful tools. Thus, the esoteric knowledge ?? sing the power of mantra ?? have long penetrated the Western consumer economy. Repeat the message often enough and it becomes part of your reality. Not for nothing that almost all mainstream popular music aimed at sex, consumption, status and material wealth. Frequently in songs the word money repeated as a mantra so that you know that if consumers will sing. Because words are powerful energies that manifest into 3D reality the market consider themselves rich.
This knowledge is also very interesting to know to apply so positive in your own life. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to manifest? It is your own business where you can help people? Say it out too. How does your company look like? Tell about your successes on the capital gain you will realize the abundance and thereby comes to you. It is advisable to repeat this mantra every day.


By combining these different elements together, you increase your chances to manifest anything you want. It is advisable to meditate every day, write down goals on paper and read it aloud, to tell about your successes to people, thanking the universe for everything you have and listen to soothing music with high sounds. Do this for a month and then compare your life with the four previous weeks. See how quickly things can change important in your life?