Essential oils: absinthe

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Absinthe is a plant that is not known by most people. The people who know the plant will mostly associate him with negative effects such as hallucinations. Absinthe also has very positive effects as long as you do not use very large amounts of absinthe. You can use it as an essential oil.


Absinthe is also called wormwood. It is a plant that is a maximum of one and a half meter becomes large. The leaves of the plant have hairs and the plant has yellow flowers. The plant is very loved by many species of butterflies. The oil is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and flowers. For 1 liter of oil, there is 100-200 kilo of the plant required, the yield is 0.5-1.0% The oil is for the most part produced in the United States.
There are two different explanations for where the name absinthe comes from. There are those who say that the name comes from Artemis, goddess of the hunt. Also, there are people out there assume that it originates from the Greek word "absinthium" it means dissatisfaction and could refer to the extremely bitter taste of the herb.
Absinthe played long ago a very important role. It was formerly in Egypt already given to people and animals suffered from worms. In Italy it was given to people who had won a wagenrenwedstrijd. The plant is found in very many different fields. It is found around the Mediterranean, in South and North America and in Africa.


Absinthe oil has a number of positive influences on health. But it is not real medicine! Go to the doctor if you have severe symptoms!
  • Absinthe oil has a positive effect on digestion. Absinthe oil works appetizing.
  • The oil stimulates the circulation and strengthens the heart.
  • Absinthe oil has a calming effect. It works very well especially if you suffer from altitude sickness.
  • It can work to help you sleep if you do not get good sleep.

In addition to therapeutic effects is wormwood oil is also a good activity against insects. It ensures that these go away because they do not like the smell of the oil. Absinthe Oil by some pharmaceutical companies in extremely small quantities used in perfumes and cosmetics.


Use absinthe oil never on your own, use it only when an aroma therapist advises you.
  • Wormwood oil can be used as a massage oil. This then allows for better blood flow. Add 10-20 drops of essential oil to 100 ml of base oil. Massage your skin with this very gradually.
  • Absinthe oil can help against skin fungus. Add this 10 drops of essential oil to 50 ml of base oil. Lubricate play the spots in those infected.


The absinthe oil can not be that much harm. Make sure that you always have enough dilutes the absinthe. Long and intensive use of absinthe can actually be addictive. It can cause cramps and lethargy. High doses can cause headaches and paralysis, ultimately you can even fall into a coma. It is best the first time, try a very small amount to see how you react to it. Wait at least an hour before driving or something like that, after an hour you will only notice the effects!
It also contains the wormwood oil ingredient thujone, in very large amounts of this operation has a hallucinations. Due to the presence of thujone absinthe was banned from 1909 to 2004 in the Netherlands because it was thought that it very quickly took care of madness, luckily it was all right and is using now just legal. Too much absinthe can also cause abortion and seizures.