Even without fitness or strength training, 10 tips!

Sport dandanflake August 14, 2016 1 0
Even without fitness or strength, it is certainly possible. While weight lifting and other exercise machines are certainly able to ensure that the power but also will increase the mass of muscles quickly, other exercises can also develop strong muscles. Fitness or strength training focuses mostly specific to a particular muscle, while another sport will activate the entire body in order to further develop the muscles. Discover ten tips which muscles, like strength training, will develop rapidly.

Sit ups

Sit-ups strengthen the core muscles in the abdomen and in the back. Sit-ups can quickly develop muscles include the abdominal, although it should also be a margin to be learned there. When sit ups exaggerated, the exercise will have an adverse effect ultimately all in vain. Looking for the right balance of rest and exercise sit-ups and they will certainly be in a relatively short time to bear fruit.
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Push-ups or push-ups

Push-ups, push-ups or pumps is a traditional manner which is well-known that the exercise stimulates different areas of the body. As with sit-ups should also take into account the rest so as to avoid injury and to "destroy" all previous work. With push-ups, the arms, chest and back the most effective brands of exercise.

Pull up or pull-ups

Use gravity as a counterweight in order to perform this exercise. Use a stud height to pull yourself. Just like push-ups focus pull-ups also on the arms, chest and back. All pull-ups will focus more on the shoulders and upper chest.

Walk or jog

It need not always be pure strength exercises. Jogging also builds muscle. For example, especially the back and the legs are stimulated, although this is in fact the case for all the muscles in the body. An additional advantage of jogging is the fact that this exercise is also a positive impulse for the cardiovascular system. For example, reducing the risk of conditions such as, for example, a hard infarct significantly for those who jog.

Material arts

The exercise of material doctor can make a very strong body without the use of weights or weight training. The violent movements that are essential in the practice of these sports are an especially great stimulus for the muscles. So the muscles will not only be stronger, but also agile. People who do material arts, often exercising regularly sit-ups and push-ups. Examples of material arts are wrestling, judo, kickboxing, muay thai, boxing and jujitsu.


Swimming is the sport par excellence which has an extremely positive effect on the heart and joints. This sport has an extremely low impact on the fatigue of the body and is therefore ideal for seniors. In addition, can also swim drastically improve the condition of young athletes. While swimming has a low impact on the fatigue, this sport will stimulate almost the whole body. People with joint problems can best be limited to a sport like swimming.


As with material physician will in the performance of aerobics also the entire body, and in particular the arms and legs, are stimulated. Aerobics, however, a quieter sport than material physician and is more often practiced by women than by men. Aerobics are also well known to have a positive effect on the operation of the heart and the lungs. Also, people who suffer from cellulite to find the best solution in jogging burden.


Many people will not immediately try walking when talking about weight training. Yet it is also a sport that has positive implications for the development of muscles. A good example is hiking in the mountains. While climbing a mountain, the legs are very well promoted. When the hill is descended is also the case, but then other muscles there will be promoted so that the effect is optimal.


Yoga requires strength and balance to maintain certain postures for 45 to 90 minutes. People practicing yoga stimulate the arms, back, buttocks and legs. Also, people who practice yoga experience a positive effect on the heart. Yoga is an excellent way to stimulate the entire body without weights, further positive spin is that the sport therefore accessible to every age group. Yoga can indeed be very soothing and help in getting rid of stress or burnout.

Sport as a team

Sports as a team is extremely favorable for the condition and health of the heart. In team sports more quickly people forget how tired it is because one is engaged in the game. In addition, team sports also very social and ideal to practice with friends. The motivation to practice a team sport is often greater than if someone merely exercising a sport.