Everything about the marble from A to Z

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Marbles get much done in the past already, and still is. I It can be difficult o find here a clear story that is why I own a book written that I can not do everything from online turn to my regret in connection with the data limit you can find everything you would want to know of marbles .

The history

Even before the Christian era, there were marbles, these were often made of marble, wood, stone or clay made. At that time played the Romans and the Egyptians with it. Poor children who had no money to buy marbles made this often myself. The children did this to roll through rich clay and then painted with watercolor, then let them dry marbles after the marble was ready for use. Because the marbles were painted with watercolor of marbles paint disappeared at the next downpour. These marbles were not as strong as the glass marble but the marbles of the past were good enough for then. In the 17th Century played marbles wealthier French. She also did the so-called Bruges Game In 1870 there were mass produced clay marbles. In 1890 Germany came in the first machines that produced glass marbles, these were found to have a longer life and much nicer than the marble clay. Therefore, the glass marble is still fully produced. Marble bags they had previously also not yet so often saw children with old or worn flannel where they watched the marbles.

How to Become the glass marble made?

The handmade marble usually falls can be recognized. They are usually made of transparent glass with colored glass strands are twisted by it. Think of an Ordinary. First they clear molten glass in a small furnace of about 1500 degrees Celsius, then there are bits of colored glass broken and heated. Then, the clear glass is mixed with a piece of colored glass which is then pulled out to a long chain of about 5 meters by 0.3 mm thick. This stem is at divided into portions. This is done with different colors and these rods will again be used to decorate the marble. Then there is a clog packed in clear glass and is formed with a wet newspaper into an oval thick rod.
Then, this rod is rolled by a plurality of colored bars. Then the oval rod back in the oven. In this way, attach the colored sticks better to the clog. If the beam again comes out of the oven, it will be rolled over a metal table this is repeated 3 times. Then a layer of clear glass on the oval rod done there. Then the rod is pulled up to 90cm and divided into equal pieces of about 3CM. After this a number of times a layer of colored glass and clear glass can be added. This is due to the model. After the additions, the rod is formed into a marble. The rear section is broken down with a gentle tap then the bump of the marble, which after breaking behind, melted with a blowtorch.
First, the glass is melted in a glass furnace this will take about 16 hours. Then, on the bottom of the furnace a flap opened, after which the liquid glass flows out of the oven. This wisp of glass every half second or longer interrupted this depends on the size of the fan. Thereafter, the marble falls into a kind of grinder is running. Think of two drill which are placed against each other. In this way, the marble is shaped into round balls and keep them from sticking.
Subsequently, the marbles have 72 hours to cool completely. After cooling, the good from the bad marbles distinguished. Marbles between the rollers 2 and gates through as the proper marbles are collected.

Where are my marbles come from?

Most of marbles all come from a factory. Mexico and China produce the most marbles Mexico makes a 15 million marbles every day. Further make glassblowers sometimes marbles but most marbles come from a factory. They are made in all shapes and sizes and are available in various toy stores. Marbles are not only used to play with, but it also made jewelery. Earrings, rings, you name it, transparences is mostly used for jewelry that is clamped between the ring or earring.


Marbles are also used as decoration in aquariums or for example in a large bowl with handmade marbles.


Marbles come in different sizes:
  • ± 12mm: mini ?? s, ukkie or babies
  • ± 16mm: normal marble or small
  • ± 24mm: Giant, bull, bolder, bounce or bam
  • ± 35mm: bonk giants, giant giant
  • ± 42mm: mega giant, bonk
  • ± 50mm: super mega, super bonk
  • ± 60mm: king, clown or OO
  • ± 80mm: big mama


How do you determine the value of the marble? It's pretty simple just you have to be familiar with the format.
Example 1
You have two mini ?? s then you can play against a plain marble by throwing on your second mini ?? s.
Example 2
You have two ordinary marbles then you can play against someone with a giant. You can also do this with four mini ?? s.
In this table, you can easily see what it costs you to marbles to play against a different kind of format marble.

How marble you?

There are several ways to marbles. By letting your index finger behind your thumb shoot or vice versa. You can with a crooked forefinger against the marble to impact. The above ways you can do with a twisting motion to create an effect. This can also practice at school or at home and then try to figure out what is the best way for you. The rule is: Practice makes perfect ?? ??. You can not be too far by scrolling with your finger, otherwise it ?? push ?? and then your turn does not count anymore.

Marble Games

Marbles: two or more players throw the same number of marbles or marbles with the same value. You should try to go for the marbles in the jar. If your marble is it allowed you one more time, the marble rolls or beside it, then the next turn. If you're the last marble envisioning it, then he can have all the marbles. There are also over the years by different things invented by the marble-using youth, which can make the game more difficult but also more exciting.
For example, a number of these ways is:
  • If you turn to act and you shoot the marble just wrong and he is close to the pot, you can Chance ??! ?? call. Then you may roll away when the marble jar. This allowed both players say one time.
  • If the player can easily get his marble in the jar then the opponent may say ?? ?? Distraction. The opponent may stomping shout or do anything to distract the player. This, too, can only 1 time per player are used.

  • Nearest the wall: two or more players throw their marbles as close to a wall or curb. The owner of the marble that are closest can all marbles on the wall: a smooth game.
    Gates Game / Brugge Game: Try to go for the turn a marble through a gate, whoever gets the most points wins. Create your own gates game? Pack a box cut out loopholes and put points with a thick marker and start playing!
    Cooperative Marbles: An example of a cooperative game of marbles is, "Beginners knock-outs '-' Marble them out." You need three big bang and one ordinary marble for each player Set two feet together and draw a circle around it. Place the three bump at the center of the circle to each other. Then put 6 steps from the circle and mark as the starting line. The goal is to bounce with each other, the three bump from the circle without any of the small marbles left in the circle. The players begin to roll the marble of their turns behind the start line as close to the circle. Toes behind the line! Then, the players take turns to go further, depending on which is closest to the circle. In each turn you continue to play with your own marble, from where it lies. Each player tries to bounce the banging from the circle. If successful, the bonk remains where he ends up. Land your marble in the circle, then you only turn again if someone else has been able to bounce your marbles out of the circle. Then you play again from where your marble lies. Then you can join the game and is your chance to play out the bigger bang! There is still a chunk out of the circle shot while still an ordinary marble lay in the circle, put the thumping back in the middle of the circle. The game ends and everyone wins when all the banging from the circle are played. The game ends when all the little and lost marbles are fixed in the circle and it is no longer possible to play them like everyone gets his own marbles back.

    Why go there?

    It's all about the money, not the game
    Swap your marbles together to complete your collection. Find the finest marbles and make beautiful storage boxes or bags or for example look at the hardware store for those plastic boxes with compartments
    It is about the game, not about the money
    When playing, unlike the collection, it's not about the money but about the game. When this is mixed up, emerge soon disappointments, quarrels, etc. Sin as marbles do you do for fun. Marble so your marbles that are of less value to you.
    Marbles must roll!
    Donating marbles to someone you know or even someone you do not know leads to nice contacts! The value does not matter: it is about the game, not about the money!


    Today the game is played by adults and children. Championships are held in different locations also in schools and other places. Lose a game you never give you therefore agree on and who knows? You or the new Dutch champion marble.
    The rules for the NK Marbles
    • Both players start with five marbles. This means that there are 10 marbles have to be knocked into the container.
    • A marble game lasts up to 5 minutes. If after five minutes the 10 marbles have not played in the game, the player with the highest score winner. The score is kept by the referee.
    • The player who does kick the 10th marble in the jar, within the time is the winner.
    • Start of the race. To roll the two players, and the marbles from behind the start line.
    • The race on the schedule as former player, throws on first.
    • The player who has thrown the marble closest to the game may begin.
    • The players take turns playing a marble. When a player plays a marble in the jar, the player retains the turn.
    • When one of the players was not to turn because the other player all 10 marbles in one turn, has played into the jar, an equalizing inning is played in this case the referee places the marbles scattered in the marble field down. And if this player plays all 10 marbles in one turn in the game, the game ends in a draw.
    • Playing the marble should be done jerks. Under this condition, all the marble techniques are permitted.
    • The marble should always be played in the direction of the game.
    • The referee decides on the technology used.
    • Does the marble off the opposite field, it will be again
    • put back at the place where it went out of the field.
    • After a goal is scored remain the marbles in the jar.
    • The age of the participants must be between 6 and 12 years.
    • There is also a World Marbles This tournament will be one time per year. The most famous tournament is held in the Czech Republic is between Slovakia and Poland. The rules are almost the same as the Dutch, you only get one solid color marbles to avoid confusion.
    • Unfortunately I can not enter my index types because I can not save as many photos. Thank you for reading.
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