Excavations in Alkmaar, North Holland

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During excavations in Alkmaar, a town in North Holland, they came across skeletons in the graveyard of the Minne Brothers that once was there. Furthermore, it was discovered a mass grave in which so ?? s thirty people buried next to each other layers. These findings did not give up, there is also a grave of a person supposedly found from the Iron Age.

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  • Archaeological research on the Horse
  • The siege of Alkmaar
  • The mass grave
  • Grave from the Iron Age

Archaeological research on the Horse

In recent months there has been archaeological research conducted at this location in Alkmaar. Earlier research had shown that in the sixteenth century has been a convent of the Minne Brothers, with a convent chapel and a cemetery. The municipal department of Monuments and Archaeology hopes to clarify the location of the chapel, the living conditions of the Minne Brothers and old canals. The research is also carried out by students from the University of Leiden. It was an excavation for a unique monastery, there's been a lot of attention to the subject, regionally but also nationally.

The siege of Alkmaar

Here is a brief explanation on this subject, as to make the mass grave has this period. In 1573, the siege of Alkmaar by the Spaniards place. There were fights from the ramparts against the Spaniards camped in Oudorp. On October 8, the fight was over and had Alkmaar as the first city to withstand a siege organized by the Spanish. Alkmaar started the victory! In Alkmaar on 8 October always big party.

The mass grave

Besides the skeletons in the graveyard of the Minne Brethren, we also discovered a mass grave containing as ?? s thirty people. Whether it's citizens from Alkmaar or Spanish is not yet known. All the bones in the coming months will be studied by employees of the University of Leiden.
The discussions in the newspaper are interesting to follow, city archaeologist Roedema assumes that these are civilians, former city archivist Fasel believes that it is fallen Spaniards. Involves citizens would also female skeletons have been excavated. In the paper, the question arises why the Alkmaar the hated Spaniards dead were buried within the city walls.
There is a further disagreement over the scrap which is found between the skeletons. Mr. Fasel says that the Spaniards are not fired with scrap, they used guns. With scrap shoot had no sense since the Alkmaar remained behind the city walls. Mr. Roedema think the Spaniards would scrap shots. In the coming months we will therefore remain in uncertainty about who is right.

Grave from the Iron Age

Besides the many excavated skeletons and the remains from mass grave has been found probably the tomb of a person from the Iron Age. The tomb can be seen the silhouette of a person in squatting position. The tomb was found beneath shifting sands, the squatting position is characteristic of burials in the Iron Age.