Exercise reduces hamstring injuries in soccer

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A special strength exercise reduces the number of hamstring injuries in amateur footballers. According to research at UMC Utrecht and the Dutch FA over 600 footballers. "I hope that many trainers standard record the exercise in their exercises."

Hamstring Injuries

Every year occur in amateur outdoor football nearly 80,000 hamstring injuries. The KNVB committed to fewer injuries in amateur soccer players and therefore tested with a special UMC Utrecht hamstring exercise. The project involved 619 players from 40 first-class amateur clubs along, coming from KNVB districts of East, West 1, West 2 and South-1. Half of the amateur teams conducted thirteen weeks twice a week a special force exercise from their hamstrings. The other half of the amateur teams trained in their usual manner. The survey ran during the football seasons 2012-2013 and 2013-2014.

Reduce Hamstring Injuries

At the end of the study were found to year in the group with the form of exercise three times less hamstring injuries occurred to be compared to the group without this form of exercise. There were six injuries in the specially-trained group and eighteen injuries in the control group. The duration of the hamstring injuries did not differ between groups. The players were injured average thirty days, but this period varied greatly.

"The number of injuries was not very high, but ended up nearly ten percent of the players in the study a hamstring injury," says principal investigator prof. Dr. Frank Backx, professor of sports medicine at UMC Utrecht. "For the first time we have scientifically demonstrated in the Netherlands this common injury can be controlled with a simple muscle exercise that works in practice. I hope that many trainers standard record the exercise in their exercises. "

Injury free

"In the Netherlands enjoy over 1.2 million people every week a soccer training or competition", emphasizes sports medicine manager Edwin Goedhart of the KNVB. "Obviously it is important to be injury free. The KNVB therefore constantly strives to prevent injuries. This study contributes to this. We will this exercise also bring extra attention to footballing Netherlands. "


It is the Nordic hamstring exercise, called eccentric muscle exercise. This exercise is a footballer on his knees on the ground while his ankles firmly to the ground by another player. The kneeling player slowly leans forward, keep upper body and hips straight, and inhibits the forward motion with his hamstrings. When he can not keep it full, he used both hands to break his fall. This video does striker Bas Dost for the exercise.