Experiences with Uri Geller

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Imagine you are an eminent scientist, everything runs smoothly and then do things with it that can not be reconciled with what you already know. Dr. Andrija Puharich met dr. D. G. Vinod in India, Arigo in Brazil and Uri Geller in Israel. With the latter he does experiments at Stanford University and comes to startling conclusions. And who is the Voice?

Dr. Andrija Puharich visits the Chatino Indians

Dr. Andrija Puharich, born in 1918 in Chicago, studied medicine but gradually he became interested in extrasensory perception. Until his associates belonged Aldous Huxley, known from the book "Without glasses learn to see." Andrija brought the Dutch medium Peter Hurkos to America and studied him. In 1960 he took part in the sacred mushroom rites of the Chatino Indians in Mexico. He holds 65 patents for his inventions of all kinds. Around 1965 he made a study of the Brazilian healer Arigo. In Brazil saw Andrija first UFOs that he could photograph them. In 1971 he met Uri Geller in Israel. Andrija died in 1994.

Dr. D. G. Vinod in deep trance

In trance R. on the Nine Principles
Andrija met Dr. Vinod in Pune, India. At the very first meeting Vinod tells the life story of Andrija to his great surprise. The following year they see each other again and comes Vinod go into a deep trance. A deep voice begins to speak in English: "Here speaks M: We are Nine Principles of forces, personalities, if you will. We give incentives in certain directions, to fulfillment of the creation. " The voice speaks half hours and Vinod himself remembers nothing of it.
In trance M. on alchemy
Another time will vote 'M' through. M speaks of alchemy: "The alchemist wants to solve the problems of decay, disease and death. All metals are degenerate gold. The alchemist wants to transform the baser metals into gold. He also wants to find an elixir that no disease permits in the body. He also wants to find a nectar which death is overcome. The alchemy in our soul works if we impose ourselves a crisis. 'Al' means 'God,' core 'means' Egypt ', alchemy is:' God of Egypt. "

Healer Arigo in Brazil

In 1968 Andrija goes to the village healer Arigo in Brazil, 300 km north of Rio: Congonhas do Campo. Arigo says that Adolf Fritz, died in 1918 in Germany, it helps to heal. In four hours, he covers 200 incurable patients. Andrija is stunned. He himself too late to remove a tumor; it happens in a flash. The tumor with the film of the event is taken as a souvenir. It is unfortunate that Arigò dies young.

Stanford University

Andrija in 1971 when visiting Israel he comes in contact with Uri Geller was born in 1946. What Uri shows during performances is extremely interesting for Andrija. He decides what to do with it. Because it clicks properly between Uri and Andrija tests can be taken at Stanford University. The results are astonishing. Andrija comes up with the following conclusions after many tests with Uri: Psychic energy interacts with matter, psychic energy can be modulated by the spirit, it writes information on the screen of the mind as a moving finger and it turns quantaal, pulsed and to be running, it can be directed blasted.

Uri Geller under hypnosis

Andrija brings Uri under hypnosis. During the session, says Uri: "I was three years old when I saw a flying saucer in the sky. While I'm at it looked, I saw a man coming towards me with a cape. There was a blinding ray of light from his head, I fell backwards and I fell asleep. When I was seven years old I went to school with a new watch. If I thought the hands were moving strongly to it. This was only possible with the watch and in the vicinity of the school. 23 years old, I first gave a presentation of three hours for children. Then it went fast. The result was and still is highly dependent on the stimulus of the public. " During this session, something happens unexpectedly, an unfamiliar voice says: "We were the ones who saw Uri in the garden when he was three years old. In the garden we have programmed him for many years, he was also programmed this can not remember. " If they listen to the tape later and they arrive at the unfamiliar voice, Uri suddenly take the cartridge out, he locked her in his hands and she disappears like magic. Andrija see it with your own eyes. Uri can later remember anything.

Cassette starts from themselves

One day the tape begins to run itself, a voice speaks: 'The true intelligence is us. We have computers made by our soul, mind and body are millions of light years gone back to your time and dimension. The voice that you hear now, has bridged a distance of many millions of light years. " Andrija writes on what has been said and knew the cartridge to prevent the cartridge resolve itself as has happened several times before.

Soul is a rotating field

The voice: "The soul is like a vessel. Such a barrel is made up of a rotating field, which is subject to the force of gravity. When the container is actuated spread itself to wrinkles in the universe, much like when you throw a stone in a pond. The turmoil of the soul in the rotating gravitational field is experience. "