Export to China

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China is an increasingly important trading partner for the Netherlands. Prosperity increases as rapidly to 1.2 billion people, it is a very attractive market. China is doing everything it can to protect its own market. Thus import duties are high. It is also wise to work with a local Chinese partner who knows the market well. It is also wise to take into account the exchange rate of the yuan, or renminbi. Currency fluctuations can easily lose a lot of money. An increasing number of goods shipped to China. Exports rose in 2011 for the thirteenth year after each other. In that year was almost 7 billion worth of goods exported to the Asian country. That's up 24 percent from a year earlier. Imports from China still is always much greater. This relates to a whopping 31 billion. Compared to a year earlier stabilized the import it at that level. The trade deficit, the difference between imports and exports, therefore decreased in 2011 by 1.4 billion, but it still is a difference of 24 billion euros. With the new surge hit China for the first time in the top ten countries where the Netherlands is exporting to. That seems little for so ?? s big country, but one should keep in mind that China is far away and that the threshold due to cost so much higher for export.

Exports from the Netherlands to China

A large part of exports to China amounted to paper dust, metal and paper waste. In total there are almost a fifth of total exports. There is great demand for these wastes because here then new raw materials can be extracted from. Due to the fast growing economy in China there is a huge demand for commodities. Furthermore, there was much demand for milk. This was so drastic that Chinese in the Netherlands en masse expired supermarkets and all baby milk bought up and then shipped to China. This was due to a major scandal in China involving milk powder had been poisoned in a factory causing several deaths. Therefore, the Chinese are no longer trusted their own milk. A final product is shipped en masse are specialized machines, such as agricultural vehicles. Total exports of these doubled in two years.

Chinese import restrictions

China is Dutch investors with over 1.2 billion people a very interesting market. Prosperity is growing annually by an average of 8 to 10 percent. It is also a difficult market for foreign investors. China is committed to protect its own market, for example by imposing high import duties. Which can rise to over 100 percent of the value of the imported goods and the cost to the importer. Furthermore, Chinese law must be adhered to very precisely. The rules are very strict in terms of competition, dumping prices or misleading advertising. Furthermore, the Ministry of Commerce shall update the list of goods that may be imported if they impose a limitation.

Finding a reliable Chinese partner

When exporting to work sensibly together with a reliable partner who is familiar with the local culture. By region, the language and culture very different. Chinese are a proud people and less international than the Dutch. It is therefore easy to bump to the head when you are not familiar with the customs. A Chinese can make good around in a country, to introduce you to the right people tell you what to do right or to let. It is also wise to take into account the exchange rate of the yuan, or renminbi. Currency fluctuations can easily lose a lot of money.