Facebook: Tell me what you publish, I'll tell you who you are!

Family Zsbee December 9, 2016 0 98
Facebook: Tell me what you publish, I'll tell you who you are!

British researchers have tried to classify the personality of social network users # 1 by analyzing the content they share.

You will definitely notice that each of your friends on Facebook tend to publish a certain type of content: pictures of children, number of kilometers traveled, news articles ... there is something for everyone. But according to British researchers from Brunel University, it would be possible to determine the personality of users by analyzing the nature of their posts on the social network.

In a study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, and about 555 volunteers aged on average 30 years, scientists have distributed questionnaires concerning personality, self-esteem, narcissism, why Facebook is used and the frequency of published comments.

The model of five personality traits has been used as a benchmark as well as four major network utilization reasons: commitment, self-expression, communication and information.

Working on his personality

The results indicate that extroverts tend to share their social activities and their daily lives to stay connected to their virtual friends. The most open people publish news articles and share their political opinion. Those with low self-talk about their romantic relationships.

No wonder: narcissists seek attention and validation from their peers by publishing their sporting achievements, their diet and their small victories of everyday life. While conscientious are a mixture of information and communication.

Fortunately, these findings do not apply to all individuals on Facebook, they only outline. But having an idea of ​​the group to which one belongs could afford to work on certain aspects of his personality and what we want in our virtual relationships ...