Facebook violates privacy

Electronic IpoopAlot August 7, 2016 1 0
A growing group of Facebook users in the year 2014 has become afraid to lose their privacy on Facebook. The warning on Facebook, that from January 2015 its terms tightens, certainly contributes to this. That Facebook is the privacy of its users do not already take too closely is demonstrated by their past, where the company since its inception has regularly had to deal with privacy scandals.


?? We feel your privacy is very important ??, it follows the first sentence of the terms of use of Facebook. Emphasizes Facebook is the problem they have, from the foundation to make all. Facebook has for as long as the company exists repeatedly violated the privacy of its users and is here until now always have done it. They say that users accept the terms and conditions, giving them the right to use their information. That the company really takes privacy very important, is unlikely. For example, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, director and major shareholder of Facebook, said in 2010: ?? The social norm has changed. The time of privacy is over. ??

Violation of privacy since its foundation

The list of privacy scandals for a company that in the year 2014, less than 15 years exists for very long. Here are twelve privacy scandals that Facebook had to make since its inception.
Mark Zuckerberg stole his website Facemash, the predecessor to Facebook, photo ?? s female students on the websites of student unions. On this site were Harvard students assess women on their appearance. The first privacy scandal was thus for the creation arise.
Facebook users, who was still mainly consisted of students staged a protest against the new ?? newsfeed ?? function. The news feeds that were always private until 2006, showed from one day to another all messages to Facebook friends. The change was not announced in advance and was not reversed according to Zuckerberg.
Beacon ad service ?? ??, published online transactions of Facebook users through the newsfeed on Facebook. This was in the first instance no permission from the user. After Facebook made a change many protests, so the user must give permission before sharing personal information on the Facebook page. According users were even lists of Christmas gifts shared on their Facebook page.
Apps that are connected to Facebook appeared to have access to many private data of Facebook users. Users that previously gave permission could not use the app. Research shows that more than 90 percent of the apps not even requested the data.
Rumor has it that if the arrow is keyed into the search bar, the names of five persons appeared to most to your search. There, messages around you stalkers are now live on Facebook. Facebook claims that the rumor is not true. It would be an algorithm that displays the names of which Facebook thinks you communicate with most often.
The Federal Trade Commission has a comprehensive complaint against Facebook. They claim that the company deceived consumers by telling them that their information kept private, while it was later compromised. The result of this complaint is that Facebook for the next twenty years required every two years must conduct a privacy audit.
Private messages are put on Facebook for 2010 appear visible to everyone in the timeline. Facebook claims that these messages were probably not private, but they were always visible on the profile page.
Picture ?? s remained hitherto always kept with Facebook. While Twitter and Flickr took Delete photos single second, it took years before the photo on Facebook ?? s were removed from the servers. Photo ?? s are still being kept for one to three months. Everything on a profile of another state will be still well preserved.
US intelligence agencies use information from Facebook. The NSA has hacked into Facebook profiles of suspects. NSA also has Facebook traffic intercepted. Facebook has the action been adjusted to the security of the servers. It is rumored that Zuckerberg Obama phoned to express his displeasure.
Facebook deletes the privacy option that allows users 'untraceable'. Even users who have used this feature to be forced to accept the new condition. Facebook gives as reason that less than one percent uses this function. Users were other routes or to find. Facebook finds it better for users, instead of this function, protecting their profile better.
Known that Facebook made us all the years used as guinea pigs for scientific research. By manipulating users to perform research experiments. There are also family announcements manipulated to study how users interact with family ties. Political preference was manipulated by the researchers via Facebook. Only since this year is the violation of privacy of the studies controlled, but the studies themselves remain.
Facebook gives to all its users a message that will be adapted to the privacy rules from 2015. Much fuss is being made about privacy rules that have existed since 2013. Facebook, the profile picture and name of users use in advertisements. Other private data may be used. Facebook also has a non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any intellectual property rights, like photos and videos ?? posted on Facebook. From 2015 Facebook will also use data beyond Facebook visited websites and apps. Ads that you get to see towards them on Facebook.

User action

As a result of the many privacy scandals that Facebook has to his name, will be pursued in 2014 action. A large number of Facebook users have joined an action group that want to pursue together a lawsuit against Facebook. The class action lawsuit was filed by the Austrian Max Schrems. He is claiming damages of 500 euros per Facebook user. This is because the privacy of Facebook users would have violated. The end of 2014 had been so ?? s 25 thousand activists signed up to the European court.