Failure: how do you cope?

Health FancyThief August 8, 2016 0 1
Failure. In love, a job, an education. It happens to everybody. But if it happens, you're in doubt about yourself, your abilities, your value as a human being. Therefore it is good for what you one time or another fails, into perspective. What? Thus.

Failure is culture

We do not often realize that we live in a culture of comparison. Bigger car, more pay, more success in work, love, pleasure, you name it. It is hard to compare with that yourself as a loner. If your car is not as large as that of the neighbors, as another indeed a fun in 'and you're just alone again come to be, when the person gets a job that you have been unable to get .. it is so' n culture all too easy to feel you failed. Is there another possibility? Certainly. There are plenty of cultures amongst other eastern countries where you have to carry that burden alone. For example, in Japan, will be performing at work measured in what you perceive as true makes group. Not always easy, but a lot easier than what an individualistic compare culture imposes. Because if we compare all others, failure soon comes into view. You are always less successful than another, less beautiful, rich, whatever. If everything is just up to you as an individual, failure is also a personal message: Do you perhaps no good?

Failure is economy

If a plan or idea fails, it is often a matter of figures, from sober economics. The further we get into recession, the more people get no more what they are trying to get or achieve. Jobs, jobs, raise ... If you're used to compete as a business to business, they can be very difficult to deal with a growing number of rejections. This quickly leads to a feeling not only have experienced a miscarriage, but also to be one! However, this picture is distorted. Forbo so easy to failures of ourselves and others. That is not our ideal picture. And yet it is a reality in life. However, please note once again on. In our society, especially people come into the picture who are successful. The rationale behind it is tempting but unrealistic. "If you want, it can." Or if she or he can, can you do it too? " On the one hand, it motivates us in magazines and on the television again and again to get a picture of people who are successful in everything from love to work. Secondly, it is a wrong impression. While we're on TV or in a magazine look jaunty all kinds of examples of people who seem to do better than us, has been committed here just selection. Turned down for a job? A job? In love? You can always rely on two things: there are many others like you, when you have to suffer a failure in any field whatsoever. And, more often it is a question of circumstances than your own success or failure.

Failure is coincidence

We know all the examples. Now the wealthy and famous writer of the Harry Potter books, JK Rowling, who had to go through countless rejections for eindeiljk came success. And what a success! Or take Sonja Bakker domestically. A lot of publishers being her books down, until finally her work appeared at a relatively finicky uitgeverijtje .. and Baker became the new diet icon. And then there's a whole line of people who were turned down for training, jobs and other opportunities .... and yet remained so believe in themselves that they indeed finally achieved what they wanted. Because whether it succeeds or fails something, often depends on one person you have in front of you. Hence coaches groups sometimes haphazardly let each other go to practice with their beautiful business plans by other participants questions like: "Do you want to finance my business?" "Will you help me with x or y?" By collecting arbitrary 'yes' and 'no' answers, you can harden against the feeling of failure. What helps you to still put through.

Failure is relative

What is really failure? The 'common denominator' of what we want to achieve, it is in recognition of your talent, resulting in the so-called worldly success. That's the way we measure ourselves! But you ever had the world famous old movie "It's a Wonderful Life." The protagonist is ready to jump off a bridge: he is a failure, without great career, having money problems ... and to make matters worse he has just had a fight with his wife and children. Then comes an angel to show him how much he has meant to his hometown, people around him, his wife and children, his friends and colleagues. Well that ends well, because the main character understand: failure or success is not in what we see as recognition through career, money, fame and so on. If you have your precious energy, effort and time indicates to the people and things at the deepest count for you, you can not actually fail.