Fairytale nights in Efteling Bosrijk

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The Efteling is great. Actually so big that you usually can not see and / or do within a day. To enjoy additional Efteling you can stay in Efteling Bosrijk. The houses and apartments are decorated in a natural environment. From Woody are you with 5 minutes walk to the park or you can take a train to the park. In this article you can read more about Efteling Bosrijk.

The lodging possibilities

The accommodation options are divided into six categories:
  • Boshuys - This detached house is suitable for six or eight people. Located on the nature as in the woods, on the dunes, in an open field or on the water.
  • VIP Boshuys - This Boshuys is also there for six or eight people. However, the VIP Woodland Cottages are located on the most beautiful spots in the park. It is the huys include bathrobes, a hot tub, an outdoor sauna and a DVD player.
  • Dorpshuys - The concatenated homes are suitable for six or eight people. The Village Cottages are in a pleasant plaza and near the entrance.
  • Custom home - The disabled can choose from a Poorthuys apartment for four people or a Boshuys for eight people. These two are wheelchair accessible and have their own parking.
  • For allergy sufferers there is a four-person villa apartment available or 6 or 8 persons Boshuys.
  • Poorthuys Apartment - These are more or less above the restaurant, reception and pool. The parking lot and the main entrance to the park are from here also the closest. This apartment can accommodate four people.
  • Manor House Apartment - These apartments are located in a large Landhuys. It's a bit further to walk to the entrance, but here it has a beautiful and peaceful view. This apartment is also suitable for four people.

The institution

All sleeping options are very attractive and luxuriously furnished. The apartments feature kitchens with refrigerators and microwaves. However, you have no opportunity for extensive cooking because there is no hob. So keep taking into account any additional costs for food or opt for a cold meal.
The Forest and Village Cottages have a fully equipped kitchen where you simply can cook. In all sleeping accommodation there is a room with bunk beds. Keep that in mind if, for example with four adult persons in one apartment had wanted.
All Huysen and apartments are equipped with a television with Efteling TV and movie channels, a safe and wireless Internet. In addition, you get a set of towels per person and kitchen set per huys / apartment. The beds are already made on arrival and departure cleaning are at the cost of your huys / apartment.


In Efteling Woody finds anyway lot of nature such as water, dunes, woods and lawns. There are a number of playgrounds for children and Parks for dogs. Dogs allowed on a lead in Woody ankle and are elated at the appropriate places. Dogs are only allowed in the Huysen and a maximum of two pets are allowed. Bringing a pet will cost you 19.50 extra. In the middle of Woody gives a more containing sandcastle Sandman. Sandman also comes with its sand gnomes along in Woody to tell a story sleep. At the entrance of Woody is a small supermarket / souvenir shop, reception, restaurant and swimming pool. The pool is not big, but again tastefully decorated. It is open most days from 15:00 to 22:00. You can eat in the restaurant, but you can in the morning rolls delivered and in the evening a pizza. During breakfast in the restaurant it is possible that you'll come fairytale characters against.

The arrival and the car

You can arrive at Woody on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You will receive after booking all required documents and information from the Efteling sent home. This contains among other passes which you can huys / apartment. You do not need to check in, but you can not until 15 o'clock the huys and / or apartment. You can add all-day use of the Efteling or the pool. From the car park is a 5 minute walk to the amusement park. Per huys you may take two cars. When the papers are a parking that you must fill out and visible should put in the car. You can leave the car in a large parking lot at the entrance of Woody parking. You can leave your bags in the car and the Efteling itself from the opening time to go. At 15:00, you may use the cars to your huys / flat drive to bring the stuff. The car should then back to the car park to be put. On the day of departure at 11:00 you are out of your huys / apartment. The sleutelpas is deactivated so that you also do not need to bring back to the reception. You can return your car to refer to your huys or flat ride in to recharge. Also on this last day you can have the whole day to the Efteling or swim in Woody.


You can choose to keep two, three or four nights in Efteling Bosrijk. You pay at Woody for huys and / or the apartment and not per person. As an example, cost two nights in an apartment somewhere around 400, - Euro. You can then three days using the theme park. If you stay three days without going to the amusement park you pay for four persons already 414, - euros entrance fee. These also include parking costs an additional 15, - Euro. You are so only in terms of admission already cheaper to opt for there to stay. Additionally, you can park your car in Woody, you pay no extra charges towels, cleaning and you can make free use of the pool.


  • As a guest at the Efteling theme park you may previously in. So you can stand firm in the row of your favorite attraction and some attractions you may be even.
  • You can get tickets at the reception for the park show Raveleijn. The show is free for everyone, but you do not need in the park at the automaton to reserve a ticket and you are guaranteed a place.
  • If you can buy a souvenir at the theme park can pick them up at 16:00 at the reception. So you will not have to carry around all day.
  • You get 20% discount on musical theater in the Efteling and 30% discount on golf.
  • You have all the time to do all the attractions.
  • You do after a day Efteling not equal again to drive home