Faith in the illuminati

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The Illuminati is also seen as a conspiracy theory, people who believe in this theory believe that a secret society is seeking certain goals such as freedom and experiencing higher powers. Often known artists and government agencies associated with the illuminati. What is the story of the Illuminati? How do you recognize the illuminati?
  •  The illuminati society
  •  Becoming a member of the illuminati
  •  Illuminati symbols

 The illuminati society

The illuminati society would consist of an 'elite' group, this is a group of thirteen very wealthy families who hold the whole world in his power. Examples of these families would be: Rothschild, Rockefeller and Cavendish. The largest families would have connections with a lot of other powerful families, think of names like Bush, Buffet and Gates. All these families would work together and have a secret agenda to work to the new world order. In this new world order, one strives for a joint government, should also reduce the number of inhabitants of the earth are brought to about 500 million. Hence, there are many wars, attacks and other crimes were planned by the Illuminati. Often events such as 9/11 criticized the illuminati. So Bush would have the license to start another war after 9/11 allowing the illuminati one step closer to their goal would be: The new world order.

 Becoming a member of the illuminati

It is considered by many not be able to join the illuminati, as this would be genetically determined. Only the well-known family that for generations members of the illuminati will be able to remain a member. Others however believe that you could be a member of the illuminati by selling your soul to Satan, this may be said that the illuminati has a lot to do with Satanism. Each member of the illuminati would start at the bottom of the ladder, there would be 33 ranks in total. When a member performs well this could rise in rank, this system is also called the Freemasonry. The higher you rise in rank the more secrets you would come to know about the world, think of: Secrets of the universe and extraterrestrial life. The higher you rank the more power you would have the highest grade would be the actual rulers of the world, they determine exactly what is happening on earth.

 Illuminati symbols

There are a lot of symbols which the illuminati would be recognizable. These symbols would be left anywhere to show that the illuminati have power over. The members of the illuminati would get a kick out of the secret aspect that the illuminati carries. They do everything to prevent the truth behind the Illuminati comes out. Here are some symbols that may reference the illuminati:
According to the Bible, this number refers to the devil, but many see the number 666 as well as a sign of the illuminati. Many think the devil's name is dedicated to the illuminati as the illuminati would be very inhuman. According to the conspiracy theorists come everywhere against the number 666, think of; Barcodes and other series of numbers. It is also alleged that, for example would have logos of Adobe and Google Chrome symbols of this number.
 The goats greeting
The goats greeting is seen by many as a sign of the illuminati, almost all American presidents and famous artists were seen sometimes did get in the picture with the goats greeting. The goats greeting is performed by the little finger and the index finger to stabbing up while the other fingers remain below. All the powerful people who make this gesture would, according to the conspiracy theorists are members of the illuminati.
 The eternal flame
The light would be a symbol of the illuminati. The eternal flame would symbolize the destruction of the established order and fueling the new world order. The most famous symbol of the eternal flame would be that of the Statue of Liberty in America.
 The skull
'The Order of Skull and Bones "would be a special group within the illuminati. The symbol of this company is the skull and crossbones.
 The all-seeing eye
This is undoubtedly the most famous symbol of the illuminati. The all-seeing eye is a triangle containing an eye. But to see the real conspiracy theorists across many triangles within certain logos, buildings etc the illuminati. According to supporters of the illuminati symbol is this the real evidence of its existence.