Fast Food: Robots will replace unskilled workers?

Health SIZUNO August 8, 2016 0 0

Robots may soon replace skilled workers, such as those in the fast food? It seems that in the United States, in Seattle, workers good and fast demanding a minimum wage increase could soon be replaced by the robot: it said in a radio broadcast John Curley, professor and co-director of the Center for sports journalism at Penn State University, has shown that the increasing automation as a warning to those who ask sums too high for low-skilled jobs.

A group of workers of local fast food recently organized a one-day strike to demand the Seattle Council to raise the minimum wage from $ 9.19 an hour - which is the highest figure in the country - to 15 dollars an hour. "We are asking for $ 15 because, in order to financially support an income standard for a person in an apartment with a bedroom serve an average of $ 14.88," said the twenty-three Amanda Larson, according to what was said on the radio, recently he worked at a local chain Arby's in Seattle.

The restaurateurs argue that they simply can not afford it, so thanks to technology, the restaurants around the world can replace people with robots and computers, says Curley, as several examples in Japan and Europe can already testify, if the workers get Seattle the increase requested. A chain of sushi Japanese already use robots to deliver the food that customers order on a touch screen. A conveyor belt transports them ordering a computer and automate their payment at the end. "There is no staff in this restaurant," said Curley. "The managers are all in one place, centrally located and just deal with everything through video equipment / computer. In this way they were able to eliminate almost all expenses for the employees ".

Several years ago, McDonald's has installed thousands of touch-screen kiosks in stores across Europe, instead of cashiers: the company reports that it also tested the automated preparation of hamburgers to further reduce employees. It is no exaggeration. A restaurateur Chinese developed the project of a robotic cook, now we can already find in a number of "noodle bar", further eliminating the need for human beings. The chef robot cost only $ 1,500 and are much cheaper than employees, especially not ask permission or pay rises.

Professor Curley says that workers demanding higher wages for a job that should be entry level and should think twice before raising a fuss, or before to find himself completely obsolete and replaced by progress. However Curley concludes with a reflection very bitter: "The saddest part of this story, if you will do so, is that robots will replace humans in all McDonald's and fast food restaurants and the low skilled will no longer really no place to go. "