Feed in case of lactose intolerance

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Feed in case of lactose intolerance

Digest milk, it is not given to everyone: 5-30% of Westerners suffer from digestive disorders every time they consume. Explanations and advice.

Lactose intolerance is a trouble digesting milk from animals. This intolerance is related to the deficiency in the alimentary canal of an enzyme called lactase, for degrading the lactose molecules. This enzyme is present in childhood, but its production decreases in adulthood, no longer allowing good assimilation milk. Intolerance is to dissociate the allergy, which is caused by the milk proteins and immune relates to a plane.
 In the absence of lactase, lactose stagnates in the digestive tract where it is metabolized by the organisms, resulting gas production. Bloating, pain, diarrhea ...: disorders, digestive, occur 30 minutes to two hours after consuming dairy products.

What solutions?

Each lactose intolerant has its own sensitivity and must place his tolerance. We must focus on the less well-lactose dairy products, finding ways of substitution and, above all, to satisfy needs in calcium and protein from other dietary bias.

Limit your consumption of lactose

The first thing to do is to consume less lactose. It is necessary :
 - Favor the poor dairy lactose. Depending on the manufacturing process, not all are also rich in lactose. Thus, dairy products to avoid include ice cream, milk and cream. Those preferred are the cheeses, especially hard cheese, and yogurt;
 - Prefer impoverished ranges lactose. In supermarkets, you will find some major milk brands; in health food stores, dairy products;
 - Deciphering food labels. Lactose found in industrial products. If you are very intolerant, be vigilant.

Opt for dairy plants

Dairy products may be replaced by vegetable products which are suitable for many culinary preparations. You can replace:
 - Butter with margarine, oilseed purées, vegetable oils;
 - The cream of oilseed purees, fermented soy cream ready for use, soy cream vacuum brick of tofu mixed and diluted, plain soy yogurt with added salt, cream coconut;
 - Milk by oilseed purées, vegetable milks;
 - Cheese by tofu, fermented soybeans spreads, brewer's yeast.

Monitor your intake of calcium and protein

Dairy products are rich in calcium and protein. When it consumes little, it is essential to include in the menu of other sources of these essential nutrients to the body.
 - For calcium: some mineral waters, oilseeds, vegetables, fish and fruit.
 Example: 1 glass of milk = 170 mg of calcium = 60 g almonds = 2 sardines in oil.
 - For protein: meat, fish, eggs, legumes, cereals, soybeans.
 Example: 30 g gruyere = 9 g protein = 1 slice of ham = 80 g tofu.