Felt; a fun hobby for everyone

Entertainment Bibbilo August 7, 2016 1 0
Felting is a fun hobby and not very pricey. All you need is a few pieces of felt, needle, floss, cardboard, wool wadding and possibly some buttons. With these supplies quickly make the best creations. Think of several hugs and keychains. But first let me tell you about felt.

Felt general

Felt is available in various shapes, sizes and colors. Felting naturally you want to make use of the materials you want to use. In terms of colors you can buy any color imaginable. In addition to the standard solid colors, you can also purchase the so-called fairytale felt. These pieces of felt are colored by hand and consist of two or more colors. Because they are colored by hand every piece of felt is unique and different than the previous one.
Apart from the difference in color and different sizes that you can purchase you also have different materials. You have wool felt and felt sticky. Stick Felt is felt which is actually intended to use in craft projects. This felt is generally cheaper and not intended to be felt because of the thickness of the material, and the quality.

Start with felt

If you are just starting with felt you have to develop some skill in this work. By doing it a lot and try to be your self again convenient. You start with a drawing felt a mold or pattern. To begin creating a simple shape like a heart easiest. The center will therefore spend the rest of this article as an example. Once the heart drawn on cardboard, you can cut it out and pull on the felt that you want to use. You can use a vanishing marker above or just pencil or pen. The advantage of a disappearing pen is that it is specially made for writing on fabric and then disappear. After a while the drawn lines that disappear again automatically.
The figure once drawn, it can be cut out. After cutting, you have two separate hearts.
Tip: Mark the center as close as possible along the edge off. This saves more felt than if you were to draw it in the middle. The pieces that remains, though they are so small, you can save for future works. The really small pieces which you can not do anything anymore, you can obviously throw.

Close Sewing of the figure

You now have two hearts cut out of felt in the color you chose. It is now time to sew them together. Grab a piece of yarn of your choice, cut to length and then splitting it in half. It is now to use less fat and better at afstikken. Place the thread through the needle and you can start. You can do many severals ways, but the best way to choke off I will describe here:
  • Grab one of the two hearts
  • Insert the needle to thereby piece the yarn from bottom to top by the felt
  • Then make a knot in the yarn, on the side where the piece of yarn is shorter. This is the other side where the needle was inserted.
  • Pull the needle with yarn on through to the knot touches the felt and pull gently. Is it secure? Otherwise create a knot on top of the existing knot.
  • The side of the heart where the node is now the inside. The knot would not be beautiful on the outside and is now hidden from view.
  • Now take the other half of the heart and put them together. The button at the inner side so that you're not.
  • If the property is your needle is still on top. You bends down and takes him back from bottom to top, this time by the two pieces. But beware: do not pull all the way to him. The tab that you have now, you still need. Remove the needle and pull through once.
  • Repeat this a few times. If it's good it looks now as follows: A vertical line, together with a horizontal stripe and back up again, and again aside. The dash side runs along the seam of the hearts.

Continue afstikken until you have a bit loose. So stop for your heart is completely closed. They're targeting what wool wadding and begins to fill the heart desired. One has rather more in so that it is harder and the other has him rather softer. If he is full enough, repeat the above explained insert a few times until the center is closed.
Suffocate him close. You do this as just, but once in place the needle by pulling the tab you do this twice. You pull on and is now emerging as good a button. Cut the remaining piece of yarn off, but not too short. The piece of yarn that there still is can push you gently into the heart of the back of the needle. So hide the end of stitching.

Key version

Would you like to make your heart a key, you tie a tab that you put the knot in the heart. Stik poor heart in the same way but with the knot of the loop inside. The knot now can not get out and you have a loop in your heart.
Besides a center of course you can make much more figures, and make it increasingly difficult by fitting details such as knots and smaller pieces of felt. For example, a cat with patches and buttons for eyes.