Feng shui in the winter

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Winter is the season where in the cold weather and the wetness making sure everything looks much bleaker. It's the time of year when we are forced to spend more time indoors. It is also the time of year when we often feel that we are standing still. There is little distraction and we yearn for the sun. For many people it is also the period in which occurs the winter blues. Learn how Feng Shui helps you through the winter.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy, which is already more than 3000 years old. The literal translation of Feng Shui is wind and water. This philosophy provides insight into how our environment can influence happiness. While work on Feng Shui thus to achieving a harmonious relationship between man and his environment. Play both natural forms created forms a part. We must create an environment in which a harmonious flow of qi, or life force, is optimally stimulated. Everything is in fact about the balance between the complementary forces of Yin and Yang. In Chinese philosophy, these two primal cosmic principles of the universe. Yin represents the dark moon and the more passive female nature. Yang represents the bright sun and the more active male nature. The two are inseparable and must be balanced optimally.

More yin than yang

In winter, the energy is more yin. In the winter we look back on the year and make up the balance. We also have time in recent months as it were of us to wash and prepare ourselves for the new year that is to come and the new energy of the spring. In nature the same. Some trees seem more dead than alive and only woke up in the spring. In the animal world we come from. Different animals hibernate. It is therefore not surprising that winter and the wintry world that surrounded us on our has a similar effect.


It is the time when you can have a lot of attention to yourself and where you need good care of yourself. Think about what you do most of all, what are your motivations, your good qualities and qualifications. What are your shortcomings and your weaknesses. There you can start working on. Do not judge, but accept who you are. Through acceptance, you learn to have confidence in the present and in the future, which will become more harmonious. Do not get annoyed if you once can not go out because the weather does not permit, but accept it and take advantage of this situation by making it fun to take home and time for yourself. Take a long bath, hold sessions of massage, meditate, read a good book or prepare an intimate dinner. This stage in the year it is necessary to have again soon your energy level to live very much in the other seasons of the year.

Decoration and comfort in the house in the winter

Make sure you're comfortable in your own home. Provide comfort and coziness. Also make sure that you adopt a flexible attitude. You do not have to plan anything tight or be able to control everything. Let everything come as it comes. Maybe you had just planned a long walk and it starts to rain hard. Accept it and focus on something else. Outside it's cold and wet, compensate this by making it cozy and warm inside. Use plenty of textiles, such as curtains, blankets, warm duvets, rugs and cushions. Make use of warm colors such as brown, cream, warm yellow and terracotta-like colors.


Especially the way your home lighting configures, affects the atmosphere at home. Use in the winter especially yellow light and indirect light in different parts. Especially paper lampshades have a warm effect. So use mainly diffused light. It makes for a darker environment, it also gives a sense of protection. Candles may at this time also not be missed, especially just before Christmas. Candles bring a romantic and warm atmosphere where you can enjoy some rest.


Acceptance, peace, self-reflection, comfort and renewed energy are the key to get through the winter.