Ferratum Belgium - quickly borrow money with mini credit

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Borrowing money in Belgium? The Netherlands has long been Ferratum flash loan, mini and mini credit loan. Ferratum but in many more countries. Since April 4, 2011 in Belgium, first. It is a small loan as a mini or micro credit loan from 50 euros to 800 euros for those who want to borrow money directly and quickly by SMS. The mini loan is very popular in Netherlands. In Belgium Ferratum EU banking license.

Fast borrow money from Ferratum Belgium

Ferratum quickly provides a loan if you want. Meanwhile, there are several names for these loan at Ferratum:
  • A micro loan, mini loan, loan or mini flash credit;
  • An SMS loan;
  • A mobile loan.

All these names give good many opportunities to get a quick loan. In fact, always involves a small amount, you can get it via SMS, and therefore mobile do your business.

Ferratum does not interest

The striking Ferratum requirement that does not charge interest. What it does do is to charge administrative costs. By borrowing money this way can anyone, even if you blacklisted from state appropriations, a micro-lending agreement.

Loan short-lived

The micro mini loan or loan is a short-lived. You must have the loan within a maximum of 15 days or 30 days to Ferratum repay.

SMS-request mini loan

The request via SMS is as follows. The following example makes that clear:
Loan amount, term, name, surname, national identification number, address, zip code, address, bank account, e-mail address
Suppose you want to borrow 150 for 15 days and your name is John Partridge will see your text, the comma is replaced by a space, look like this:
150 15 Jan Partridge 01,234,567,891 My Street My City 1 1234 012 345 678 910 jan.patrijs do second request A second application is simpler because you are already familiar with the company. The condition is that you have paid back the first loan on time. You sms ?? t then only the desired amount, the duration and your registration number.

Application for mini mini loan or credit to do

Every Belgian citizen with a good credit history can all h ij do at least 21 years is a request. Of course you need a Belgian mobile number and bank account number. Ferratum be reached during business hours Monday through Friday between 8 am to 18 pm. Then, if you agree to the terms, it goes fast, because your loan request will be answered by text message after about 10 minutes. Then your account is credited and you can spend your money.

Conditions close mini credit

Some conditions are:
  • You are legally competent;
  • You're not late paying other loans to a third party;
  • You have not registered a credit bureau or the Central Office for Credits to Individuals or Companies as defaulter;
  • You are not bankrupt and not involved in such proceedings.

At a mini loan trusts you on your agreement and it is impossible to check every 10 minutes. That means anyone can quickly borrow money.