Ferrets stink it or not?

Nature Jarnooo August 8, 2016 0 0
One of the persistent prejudices about ferrets is that they stink. It is certainly possible that ferrets stink. When this is the case, is always a reason for that. These reasons will be discussed in this article.

Not helped males

A male ferret will not be helped in his rutting period secrete a pungent air. This can be prevented by allowing the male castration or treatment with a hormone implant. The male will not come into oestrus and therefore also spread not smell anymore.


Cially if ferret food gets that quality is not good, there will be a lot of extra padding in the food sit where the ferret can not handle this, such as cereals. This will cause more ferret feces that smells even more than will relieve good food. When there has been incorporated into feed meal, the smell of faeces can be much stronger. Good food does wonders for this. With good food for ferrets, you can think in terms of chunks of Totally Ferret, Hill ?? s Science Diet kitten kibble, ORIJEN kitten kibble or Eukanuba kitten kibble. It is also possible to carry ferrets prey animals or CDV. If you want to make prey, here is you must first delve right in. CDV is, as said complete feed, marking his kibble and Bandit.

Maintenance cage

Ferrets are cleanly animals. Therefore, there must be a frettenbak present in the cage in which they can do their needs. This cat litter can be done. It goes without saying that this tray has to be cleaned at least 1 time per day.
Moreover there should be present laps in the cage in which sleep the ferrets. Consider for example, old t-shirts or hand goals. Like the changing of your own bed, these pieces need to be regularly changed frequently. The cage must be cleaned at least one time per week with a non-irritating soap, such as green soap.


Another reason that ferrets stink because they are sick. If your ferret at once takes on a whole different body odor, without being in the rut or a change in feed is there, it is advisable to go to the vet. For example, the anal glands are blocked. This allows the ferret may also spread a pungent air. The anal glands serve than by a veterinarian to be emptied and then the ferret should receive an antibiotic cure. When ferrets very scared, they can spontaneously empty the anal glands. It is undeniable that this is a terribly strong odor. Therefore they have really quite a shock, for example, that someone is on their tail. This you can so rarely allowed to participate.

To close

Different smells are coming for everyone else. Therefore, it may be that the a find a stink, while the other is the total does not smell. Completely odorless ferrets will not be, just like a dog or cat, there will always be something fishy sit. As mentioned in this article will not stink ferrets under proper home environment, but some people will always keep the ferret smell.