Fig, a fruit with medicinal properties

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The fig tree is growing in the Netherlands. Fresh figs taste quite different from the usually eaten dried figs. Figs also creates a jam. Dried figs are sweet and can be used well as a healthy substitute for candy. The fig is healthy due to its high content of fiber, potassium, calcium, manganese and vitamin B6.


  • Fig leaf, good for diabetics
  • Good for digestion
  • Figs against diabetes
  • Figs and milk
  • Good for sore throat
  • Good for bones
  • Figs instead of sugar
  • Dried figs as a snack
  • Figs in the salad

Fig leaf, good for diabetics

The fig tree grows well in the Netherlands. The big advantage of a fig tree in the garden is that you can also use the leaves. Many people will not think right that fig leaves are edible. The fig leaves are especially good for diabetic patients because by eating fig leaf insulin levels naturally is slightly higher. The body itself need to create less insulin and the diabetic patient has to inject less insulin.

Good for digestion

Figs are super healthy. They prevent a variety of diseases. The fresh fig is limited but dried version of figs are there all year round. Figs contain a huge amount of fiber. This fruit is due to the high fiber content good for constipation, indigestion and stomach pain. Figs work well for lacing food in general.
Fig tree in Amsterdam

Figs against diabetes

High fiber foods ensures that nutrients evenly throughout the body include eliminating the peaks and troughs formed in the blood sugar levels. Because much potassium is in the fig, which also control the blood sugar level is helping, the fig is an excellent fruit for a type 2 diabetes patient. In addition, eating figs adequately works to prevent this nasty disease.

Figs and milk

In the fig are many healthful phytonutrients. So there are omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These have a positive effect on the heart; they prevent heart attacks. Figs are a good fruit to prevent cardiovascular disease through diet. Omega3 and omega-6 fats are vegetable where you get no weight gain, unlike trans fats quickly thick. In cooperation with the fig milk causes weight gain. It is therefore a good fruit to recuperate after an operation. Moreover, figs and milk work well for a healthy sex life. For this, it is recommended to three dried figs to soak in a glass of milk and eat them in the morning on an empty stomach. Success guaranteed!
Fig leaf is also edible

Good for sore throat

The fig is traditionally used as a remedy for sore throat. Medicinal herb against throat diseases they derive from the presence of mucilage or polymers. These are also found in plantain, flax, aloe vera and linden blossom. Polymers help lubricate the throat. The mucilage manifest themselves in the form of a slimy gel-like substance which give the mucous membranes in the throat protection.

Good for bones

People who eat too much salt confronted eventually with calcium deficiencies. If you like salt, it is important to regularly eat calcium-containing fruit and vegetables. The fig is a fruit that is rich in calcium and potassium. These are two minerals that promote the production of bone tissue. As a result, the fig helps to increase the strength of the bones. The density of the bones becomes larger, and therefore stronger bones. It can be eaten if you suffer from osteoporosis

Figs instead of sugar

When dried figs soaked in water and grinds to a smooth paste, you can process them in cakes and sugar substitute. People who have a raw food diet do use the fig and other dried fruit much to replace granulated sugar, which is a product where all the nutrients are taken away. When your morning cereal you can eat figs grind or cut into small pieces in order to then make the muesli. Then you do not need to add more sugar.
Two immature figs

Dried figs as a snack

Dried figs are an ideal snack. You can put them in a nice evening on the table along with snack vegetables, snack fruits and other dried fruits. It's also nice to do a dried fig in your packed lunch.

Figs in the salad

Dried figs are a great fruit to mix with the green salad. You cut them into pieces and sprinkle it with a pinch of cinnamon and a little nutmeg. This fits very well with a green salad of lettuce leaves where feta cheese, pepper strips and some red onion rings sit in.