Film Review ?? Murder by numbers ??

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The Swiss Barbet Schroeder had control over this kind of psychological thriller from April 2002 with, among others Sandra Bullock in the lead. A thriller with some very smart guys Bullock as police woman trying to outwit.

The film

The story starts as Cassie Mayweather, played by Sandra Bullock, and Sam Kennedy, played by Ben Chaplin, as police officers are called to a crime scene in the woods. There appears to be a young woman found murdered.
Cassie Mayweather is a detective with itself a lot of issues, but excels with its unique style it out in her profession. Actually, she does prefer all alone, but must accept Sam Kennedy ?? ?? as a partner. Gradually their cooperation and better understand Sam's her way of acting. However, he fails to come closer to her really, they let it hardly matters. Her "damage" has a wall made where no getting through is on.
Cassie encounters in its quest to two students, namely Richard Haywood and Justin Pendleton, played respectively by Michael Pitt and Ryan Gosling. These guys think they can commit the perfect murder and Cassie as the line tries to explain to the murdered woman, they seem to have good alibis ?? s. Still, she goes through and is particularly fascinated word Richard Haywood who seems to have a hidden agenda. Here comes his friend Justin slowly behind, but not in forces to take on something here.
Nilly solve a murder!
The agency follows Cassie not really, and she now sails completely her own course. Without the safety net of the bureau she then her job on the line to find out the murder. It ended up costing her almost her own life to get to the bottom and the murder to solve. But she managed to fathom the clever game of the boys?

The review

Behind the scenes
The psychological thriller made in 2002 by director Barbet Schroeder. Schroeder may be known for other roles as director Single White Female 1992, Kiss of Death from 1995 of Terror ?? s Advocate from 2007. He also appears occasionally for the camera. Schroeder also had to produce about 50 million dollar movie. The film released by Warner Bros. spent about $ 60 million and was thus a moderate financial success.
The actors and the story
The story is nicely put together and is written by Tony Gayton whose author has listed several works to his credit. The actors, not the first, the best, do not come completely out of the paint. Sandra Bullock pick and Ben Chaplin as police partners enough from their collaboration, while individual roles or fine drop. There is little chemistry and splatters not only what the same example Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves in Speed ​​it did. That is unfortunate, because that could be the film that little bit more shine
Canadian Ryan Gossling it was hailed as newcomer and indeed put a great role down.
Bullock had a short time ?? as in the film - a relationship with the much younger Ryan Gossllng.
All in all a nice film that is captivating enough to keep looking, but not absolute high-flyer of its kind. The sale and to rent on DVD / on demand and occasionally on television.