Finally recover deleted files

Electronic the1andonly August 7, 2016 1 0
Imagine, you're reorganizing your computer and suddenly you accidentally delete all your files, or work that you have to hand in tomorrow. You want to recover deleted files and recover, but you have no idea how. Your files are permanently deleted and therefore can not be found in your trash. In that case, you should not panic, because there are many ways to get you permanently deleted or discarded files to get free again.


In most cases, your files in your trash. Trash is a folder on your computer and stores all files that you deleted. This means that your file just to be found in this folder and save it again as, or move, you can put him back in my documents. It is therefore very important that you do not empty your trash after you've deleted a file by mistake, because then it is recalling more complex.

Emptying your Recycle Bin

Like all bins in the world can your trash can on the computer touch once full. This does not mean that there comes along a garbage truck to empty your trash, but that you must remove your files to the trash. These files will be permanently removed from your computer! So look for the permanent removal of files always after your trash on files you actually want to keep. Do not worry, you will not mind it.

Finally recover deleted files

Sometimes it happens that you know that a file is too big for your trash or recycling bin where you have no more space, so you delete it permanently. This would mean that you never get back the file and you lost it forever. However, this is not so, because there are programs ?? s that you can recover these files.


An example of such ?? s program Recuva. This program is specially designed to recover permanently deleted files. Recuva is easy to download and use and it's free. The set-up is just to find the site of Recuva, then it's just a matter of following the steps. Recuva is just to stand on your desktop and can be used multiple times. It is not recommended to remove this program, for the permanent removal of a file can occur more frequently.

The use of Recuva

Using Recuva is, as I said, very easy. First, you'll be welcomed and then you can proceed. There is a menu for you, which a number of files are available for selection. So you can choose to only Recuva images to let get back, or just documents. But if you have deleted everything on your computer, you can also be picked up by all kinds of files.
After you have chosen a file type, you will be asked if you know where these files were. This makes it easier for the program to find the files, making the process a lot will go faster. If you do not know for sure, that's no problem. Recuva will just go through everything.
Before Recuva will scan you will have to check whether you want to perform a thorough scan. That is actually only recommended if all previous scans without success, but often find the files Recuva also with a simple scan. An executive may take a long time, a simple scan is done, however, within two minutes.
If Recuva is finished scanning it will come back with a large number of files. This list will have to stand the file deleted by you. Select the file and press Retrieve. Then it is convenient to save the file so you do not need to repeat this process again. Moreover, it is also useful to make a backup of your files, so the file you have on several places.