Financial apps: applications and benefits

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What we see more and more financial apps. In other words, mobile applications that you can download on your smartphone that will help financially with certain financial matters. We see more and more apps for example mobile banking. Your finances are therefore easily arranged from your phone. Even the boring administration and finance deal with these developments so with the times.

Financial trend: financial app

In 2013 more than one billion smartphones were sold. The smartphone and the mobile app is on the rise. What is a typical trend for 2014 is to grow the supply of financial apps. Several mobile applications can help you to arrange your finances quickly and easily. With a financial app you differentiate your business and if you can take advantage of many other benefits.

Financial advantages app

Advantages of the development of an financial app for companies include:
  • Wider range
  • More interaction with consumers
  • Responding to increased mobile Internet use

For consumers, the benefits as follows:
  • More convenience
  • Faster problem resolution and handling money matters
  • Always money matters at hand

Types of financial apps

There are various options with a financial app, depending on the type of app that you're dealing with. The following features are provided by different types of financial apps.
Apps for controlling transactions
There are various apps to arrange money transactions. As most banks nowadays offer a financial app for mobile banking, among others:
  • ING
  • Rabobank
  • SNS Bank
The benefits of these apps for controlling transactions and viewing your balance is that it is all pretty easy and fast to manage from your phone. The apps also frequently on search functions, so you can quickly find a particular transaction and investment accounts can be viewed. The drawback of these apps is that a security is required to ensure that it remains safe to manage your accounts via mobile. Instructions on safe use of the code is available on the website of the app developer.
Apps account management
Also in addition there are various apps that give you an overview of your different accounts and you can track your savings. An example of such apps is MoneYou save app. With this app you have all your bills in a row and you can also set a specific savings target. Opening a new account with this app is also quickly. A disadvantage is that there is also an app MoneYou borrowing is to take out a loan. Integration of these two apps might have been manageable because you now have to install two different apps.
Apps for budget
Budget management is also to regulate mobile, namely using the Expense Manager app to keep you accurately your income and expenses in so you know exactly how much you have left at the end of the month. With this app you can track everything photographing for example receipts and store using Google Drive and you can also set alarms for a certain payment for example. However, it is in this app is important that you do have Internet access, as this is needed to store everything in Google Drive. The app needs access to the camera and your Google Account for that reason.
Apps for private loans
And you people are still owed money and you are someone who always forgets this? When you recover the amounts entered in PayMeBack you can be assured that you will see the money again. You can with this app also send your friends a reminder of the amount they owe you, or in joint purchasing share costs by checking who were to communicate the costs and so the amount everyone together is guilty track. Furthermore you can also send messages.
Apps for borrowing money
And finally allowed in the list of financial apps, the ability to borrow money not be missed. The Money Market App you can apply for a loan from your mobile phone. It will have the necessary controls in advance of course. Borrowing is not always easy with this app. Sliced, is that applying for a loan with this app is available 24/7. Strict control is certainly paramount in this app.
The aforementioned financial apps are downloadable course in the app store and available for both Android and Apple.

Financial market app as tax strategy

Research has shown that the use of social media and developing an app is generally a better marketing strategy than it appears expensive advertising campaigns. Investing in a social media manager and develop a financial app are so steps as an entrepreneur eventually have a greater reach and impact than the old-fashioned way of advertising. The financial app is a step towards a wider audience and the marketing of the future. On the other hand, this development is also beneficial to the consumer, since arranging finances more accessible and easier, for example, with the option of using your mobile phone for banking or declarations handle.