Find the good feeling

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You hear more and more people say if one tries to realize the good feeling ?? ??. That in itself is not surprising. However, the fact that it is so difficult to get close to yourself - what is required to achieve the good feeling - actually says enough about how long we've been wrong.

Back to basics?

Doing something wrong might be a harsh term, but a lot of people have, with the beautiful in the offing, let them suck in the madness of the day. For many years, it all could not always finance hands from the savings or the leningenpot and if that was not enough, but more work. Working at the expense of what?
We now know better and actually created a pipe dream and is not in itself bad, as it would have no further consequences. But that is not the case. We smelled something ?? ?? what we are going to usurp and may still impracticable, or bigger consequences than we actually want or that it is not what makes you think and had hopped that it would deliver.
On the one hand, this can frustrate and secondly can put this emphasis on the more wrong things. After all, if you are collecting, you are not doing yourself and give to discovering what is really inside the good feeling, what makes you truly happy. But you must go back to basics? In fact, however, and the need to drastically so long is not as it seems, because pamper yourself hears there still just at.

Matter also does give good feeling?

That material things also feel good you can of course say. However, material things deliver the so-called good feeling just recently. It is rapidly absorbed in what you have at your disposal and you can see more as so ?? s bar to get quick energy. You need somewhere because you're faint, shortage threatens example after strenuous exercise ?? and then you need a so-called fast sugar. If you just do not know, can not keep yourself busy etc. then pamper yourself with a fun toy ?? and that can be anything ?? ?? as ?? fun. It gives just a good feeling.
Do you really want to get the really good feelings from yourself, then you can achieve this by following a few relatively simple steps. But it stands or falls with really come close to yourself and none of the fringe ?? ?? take the steps you take.

Monitor and take steps towards

The "now"
Start at the beginning and it is back to basics ?? ??, because beginning with the most of the moment. Live in the now, do what feels good to your body and mind connect together and enjoy what you see, feel, hear, smell, etc. Think about what you really happy with and the one that is a nice lunch with friends the eatery around the corner, the other is thrilled at the sight of the dog which was completely overjoyed, because he / she can go walk. Or perhaps pick up the bicycle or motorbike and makes and river ride you all happy inside. Or in other words, what makes your heart really open?
In short, it can be anything. But what matters is that you feel right now that makes you happy, gives you that good feeling important and where you are going rays. You are then in the process now and the intense feeling you experience when you are somewhere really happy. That then also other substances in your body to make what's good for you is a nice advantage.
Personal development
A commonly used term, for example, in business. But personal development is also, or perhaps especially, develop yourself as a person. Everyone does it in their own way, but what matters is that you learn all alive and that may just be playful. There is only one condition and that is that you are open to learning. New things on your late and looks real or if so, what you can with it and give it shape in your life. If you dare to do so, then playfully go.
Unfortunately this is not always the case, but is not bad. You can also choose for yourself moments to dive into yourself and situations that have recently done before, to let pass by. The one is sitting quietly in a quiet environment and does it through a kind of meditation time and the other is a lot walking in a peaceful environment and reflected by recalling recent situations in this way.
Whatever you choose, make sure it works for you. How did you experience the situation, you've already done, and if so what and how you can pick it up in the future? In addition, you do not always ?? serious ?? moments to pass, it can also be about whether to help a child crossing. To address this example to the head, you would have thought why you did not do it. What's holding you back, knowing it's so important for a child can be so ?? etc. etc. Goes without saying that you give honest answers to your own questions. If this process can cause problems there are always professionals who can help.
As mentioned earlier should also indulge in this list, but unlike ?? rapid sugar ?? in a materialistic society. If you are intensely glad that may aforementioned bike ride along the river, a new bike so ?? s moment of indulgence. Perhaps your current bike can still be just that, but if you you can afford you can choose to see if your old bike still someone can give to be happy again from there and you treat yourself to a new one.
But it can also lower, because not everyone has an equal budget. A nice scented candle in your home can brighten people also do intense enjoy like some nice covers for the pillows in the bank or a new lakje for the nails. Experience, however, that you are really happy with and it is not to satisfy your hunger ?? ??. This also allows you to enjoy more of what you buy and can just have an explicit value to you, that goes beyond just buy something expensive as what you ?? hunger ?? stilt.


The good feeling in yourself and not have to cost any money. Once you get closer to your feelings come and recognize the good feelings in yourself, you have put an important step that adds value to one's life and very likely for your environment. It sounds so obvious, but it is not.
For those who say something about this purchase is actually much easier and more enjoyable, is that he or she is not ready for such a step. That's not bad. Not everyone makes the same steps or has to make those steps.