First aid form

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First aid form

A victim who has first aid sees his chances of survival increase by 20%. Christophe Talmet, national delegate in charge of training at the French Red Cross, presents the training in first aid.

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  •  What is the training program?
  •  Initiations of first aid also exist. What is it about ?
  •  How much does it cost ?
  •  How to apply ?
  •  Other training organizations

From the age of 10, everyone can prepare the training certificate in first aid. The Red Cross, which has 3,000 monitors, 300 instructors and 900 volunteers or professional training centers, organizes courses throughout the year. Training lasts about ten hours. It takes place over a week, often at night or several weeks.

What is the training program?

Training is practice. The monitors, mostly volunteers, ten teach first aid. They show the trainees who will repeat them to integrate. In accident situations are simulated. For example, the victim is bleeding heavily, unconscious or not breathing ... In the trainees to analyze the situation and rescue the wounded! The AFPS sanctioned training by a certificate, but no examination is organized.

Initiations of first aid also exist. What is it about ?

The French Red Cross initiates anyone as young as eight years to the simple first aid techniques in case of accident protection and warning; examination of a victim and surveillance; recovery position; artificial respiration and cardiac massage. This free training lasts about an hour. These initiations are held throughout the year, in schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods, beaches ...

How much does it cost ?

The price of the training of the Red Cross is 60 euros. The student leaves with a rescuer guide, which summarizes the movements learned during the course. This money is used to finance equipment and expenditure of the monitor. But the cost of training is less for people who do not have jobs.

How to apply ?

You can register with the Delegation of the French Red Cross nearest your home or call 0820 16 17 18. Their contact details on the website of the Association: other training organizations

The Red Cross is not the only association to offer a training in preparation for AFD. You can also contact the following organizations: the National Civil Protection Federation grouping volunteer and professional firefighters, the White Cross, the national company Rescue ...