Fishing for carp

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Carp is a common name for several species of freshwater fish, a very large group of fish native to Europe and Asia. Carp is considered as a highly prized white fish that's hard to beat the hook.


Carp or European hijacker be established in Asia and Eastern Europe. Carp are very tolerant. They prefer to move in slow or stagnant water. Carp can usually be found in small schools, although larger carp often lead a lonely existence. Most can grow to a length of 1 to 4 meters and the oldest age of a wild-caught carp was 38 years. The biggest fished carp caught by a fisherman in Bordeaux weighed 40.1 kilograms.

Silver Carp

Silver carp are fish that feed on particulate matter and food particles from the water and are therefore difficult to capture in a typical hook and line. Special methods have been developed for these fish catch, remained the primary method is the suspension which typically consists of a large ball of dough which slowly disintegrates surrounded by a nest of small hooks which are not embedded in the bait. The entire unit is hidden under a large bobber. The fish feed on the small particles which are released from the ball of dough and an impact against the ball of dough with the aim to break away from it several smaller particles to filter out of the water so that it eventually has become stuck to the small hooks.

Grass Carp

The grass carp is growing rapidly, young fish can be of 20 inches in the spring already grow to 45 inches in the autumn. Adults usually often reach approximately to the length of 1.2 meters and weigh about 18 kilograms. According to a study they live about five to nine years, with the oldest so far measured with an age of 11 years. They eat three times their own body weight each day. They usually occur in small lakes with plenty of fresh water and aquatic plants. Adults of the species feed mainly on aquatic plants and submerged vegetation such as insects and other invertebrates. Grass carp are strong fighters and because of their vegetarian habits much wariness, they will also get them hard to catch. The most successful aasvoeren are canned corn, cherry tomatoes and despite their vegetarian habits worms can sometimes serve as bait.

Crucian carp

Kroes Carp is usually found in lakes, ponds and slow moving rivers throughout Europe. They rarely get heavier than a weight of more than 1.5 kilograms. The largest carp caught record of these is 1.9 kg. There are different ones that have larger claims to have caught but passed as no real cup carp but relatives of these species such as goldfish. These fish are very schuchtig and always swim in schools around. The best aasmiddelen are worms and shrimp and bite best at night because they really only begin feeding.

Bighead carp

Grootkopkarpers are just as hard to catch the silver carp because they live from particles in the water released. These fish are easily one meter long and more than 20 kg. These can be captured in the same manner as the silver carp by means of several small hooks.

Common carp

The schubkarpers you encounter the most in all types of waters. These are gold-colored fish that may reach the length of 1 m and 20 usually weigh around 30 kg. In 2007, in Germany caught a common carp of 38 kg which still holds the record for this huge fish.